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Aug 2, 2011 03:13 PM

Lakeview Restaurant..has the food changed at all recently?

Hi fellow foodies
My sister just raved about the pancakes at Lakview and brought back the menu where it boasts of lost of organics, seasonal items and fair trade organic coffee.
The reviews are quite scathing on the board.
Is there a hope that this pretty looking place has redeemed itself or did my sister just get lucky with the pancakes?

I would love to take my kids there but not if they food is nasty, they know the difference and won't eat it.


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  1. Has anyone tried the brunch at the Lakeview lately?

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    1. re: prima

      It's alright -- I like them!

      However, the last time I was there (a week ago?) they were closed down... does anyone know if they're open again?


      1. re: jennjen18

        probably closed for the diners, drive-ins and dives filming

    2. I think it's Okay, for the neighbourhood it's in, but far from 'great'. The menu has been the same since their renovation. My companions have had their pancakes and commented on the nice crispy edges - but I think most weekend brunch experiences are dictated by how hungover you were...maybe it's just me.

      I really appreciate the light spring salad served with my benny, which is what I usually get.

      To answer your question, OP, It's solid. You won't have rancid food, and I am sure your kids will like it. It's not what I would categorize as a classic diner - it's a lot lighter and too many 'twists', to be a greasy spoon. Do be aware of the long lineup for weekend brunch, if you arrive after 11am.

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      1. re: happycamper

        one time i went there and ordered a tuna melt and then like 45 mins later the guy brought me a pastrami on rye or whatever and i just ate it and paid like a sucker because it had been 45 minutes. i didn't tip that fool

          1. re: happycamper

            I hate this place with a passion. The neighborhood deserves something much better. No idea why everyone goes here...

          2. I've had some of the worst food in my life there. I have no idea why it's always packed. Terrible service and terrible food. My companions, who both went twice with me (just in case the 1st time was an accident), agree that we'll never go back.