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Aug 2, 2011 03:09 PM

Searched this board for Birmingham....and came up with 7 posts?!?

How is it possible that the UK's second city hardly gets a mention? Have been living here a little while now and wish there were more postings for good food of both the hole in the wall and fine dining variety. In my aimless wanderings my top pics (in no particular order) are
1/ Carters of Moseley
2/ Love's
3/ Chanai Dosa
4/ Great British Eatery
5/ Malaysian Delight
6/ Cafe Soya
7/ The Malt Shovel, Barston
8/ Turner's of Harborne
Someone out there must know of more places!

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  1. Brum must be the envy of many a Brit foody (well, at least those of us who don't live in London). Three Michelin starred places to start with - when you think Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Glasgow have none between them!

    It's not a city I visit often and even less need more than a quick snack lunch. However, I was there overnight last year and had been recommended by a poster on egullet towards Shiraz in Edgebaston. Apparently very good middle eastern. Must have been good as it was heaving and I couldnt get a table. Went across the road to the Rose Muree which had also popped up on tip list of places on Hagley Road.

    Pretty good Kashmiri food - and well geared up to the single diner (newspaper and magazine offered as soon as I sat down). Apparently it's losing business to the very excellent mini-chain of Akbars which has opened just up the road (actual next to the Premier Inn where I was staying).

    We've Purnell's and Lasan on our "to do" list, probably next year (by which time Lasan may well have a star, as well)

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      I know nothing about the choices in Birmingham (at least I do pronounce it correctly now), but the Good Food Guide also mention Edmunds and Turners with the same level as Purnell's. There seem to be quite a lot of good choices!

      1. re: Harters

        Purnell's is also on my list but I've never managed to get a reservation. The phone is seldom answered and they invariably are booked weeks in advance. Lasan is deconstructed Indian food. I've eaten there a few times and some dishes like the roast quail are excellent but some were simply forgettable. Hard to recommend as consistent at that price range.

        Edmund's is good competent cooking and the service was excellent. The food wad just not very innovative. Again, for the prices charged, you really expect more. I spent less at Texture in London and had a far better experience.

        Shiraz is good. Persian food, simply served with delicious apple tea. They do get busy so get there early or book. The servings are generous. The grilled meats are very tasty as are the subtly spiced stews.

        1. re: Cokeylicious

          It's true, Birmingham isn't a great food town. Having lived here for 4 years, moved away for 6 to MUCH better food towns and then had the luck to move back again, unfortunately not much has changed, apart from the addition of more chain restaurants and several high-end places.

          However, there are some really good places to get ingredients which I will willingly share:

          For absolutely pristine fish, including sashimi grade Ahi tuna on thursdays or fridays ONLY, go no further than H. Satchwell at the Indoor Market. Get there early as he sometimes shuts about 3. Everything ive ever had has been superb and he knows the origin of everything,

          in the Great Western Arcade, Anderson and Hill sells a great array of products. Excellent British cheeses, and proper Spanish hams as wells as olive oils etc. The guy there is really knowledgable and super nice.

          For coffee, not long opened 6/8 Kafe opposite Fraser's on temple Street is the real deal. The espresso there compares with the best I had when I lived in Seattle.

          So it's not all doom and gloom. But would love to find some great hole int he wall places too!