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Aug 2, 2011 03:06 PM

Road Trip! I25 North through Colorado, Wyoming; I90 West through Montana; Dillon; Roberts, Idaho

Finally convinced my better half he could be gone from work for 2 weeks! We're taking a road trip and making no definite plans/reservations - driving north through Colorado (escaping the Texas heat!) and Wyoming on I25 and then turning west on I90 to Dillon, MT, to visit an old friend. We're then going to Roberts, Idaho, to find an ancestor's gravesite. Looking for recommendations along this route or near, anything that has to do w/food. Don't know when/where we'll be for meals.

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  1. First place this Texan ex-pat would head is Jack-N-Grill on Federal Blvd. in Denver. Relatively easy access from and to I-25. Some of the best New Mexican Mex to be found anywhere. Always crowded, but worth the wait. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, opening at 7AM if I am not mistaken.

    2524 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211

    1. You don't give much of a hint about what kind of food you love/loathe or what your budget might be. Perhaps you could search Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver/Highlands, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Casper and see what comes up. There was also a recent thread on Chugwater, a Wyo town not far of the Interstate.

      1. Don't miss the "taco bus" for lunch in Dillon MT for some carnitas tacos. Bring a couple ice cold beers. Ask anyone where it is.

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        1. Best trip ever! We did change plans a little and didn't go to Montana. We went north on I-25 and then west on I-80 through Wyoming and then into Idaho. And, we had some good food, too. Here's a brief summary:

          Trinidad, CO: Tequila's. It's on the service road of I-25. We ate there on the way up and then again on the way home. Vegetable fajitas and steak fajitas w/requested corn tortillas, tamales and sopitas w/beans, Dos Equis on tap; all very good. Mainly locals and an owner who came around visiting w/everyone, even us. They have the regular chips and salsa when you sit down, but they also brought a fantastic Mexican coleslaw. It was shredded cabbage marinated with pico de gallo. Have to make this at home!

          Pueblo, CO: Solar Coffee Roasters. It's in downtown Pueblo. Regular coffee and a breve latte. Both good. They have sandwiches and pastries. Lots of office workers coming in.

          Laramie, WY: Starbucks. Regular coffee and a breve latte.

          Rock Springs, WY: Bitter Creek Brewing. Coyote Creek Steakhouse. We went to the Brewery for beers and dinner. The hostess said the truck hadn't come in, they only had hamburgers, so we sat at the bar for a beer. Can't remember what we had. We asked the bartender for a recommendation if we didn't want a hamburger. He suggested the Coyote Creek, so we went there as it was getting late, we were starving and didn't know where else to try. The food was good and bad. Buffalo burger was burnt to a crisp, but my husband's salad w/grilled tuna was very tasty and the tuna was perfectly grilled. The service was atrocious. The waiter had ADD, not good in a waiter.

          Jackson Hole, WY: Pica's, Snake River Brewery, Pearl Street Bagels, farmer's market, fresh huckleberries around Jenny Lake. Pica's was a recommendation from a local and was fresh and light Mexican food. We had vegetable enchiladas and chile rellenos while sitting outside w/ a view of the mountains. Sigh. Would definitely go back. Snake River Brewery is always a stop for us in Jackson. There's usually lots of people waiting outside for a table. Don't let that discourage you. Walk in, skip the hostess (if there's no one with you under age), go to your right, into the bar area. Don't sit at one of the tables (they're for people waiting for a table). Sit at the bar, or find someone who looks like they're about done with their beer/food and stand behind them. The beer selections are always so good. You can order a full meal at the bar, as lots of people do; the bartender asked if we'd like to do just that. We had fish and chips and trout served over a potato/veg hash. Both were great. The fish and chips were probably the best I've ever had. Crisp batter and tender, moist fish that melted in your mouth. The trout was just ok, but the hash was so good I could have licked the plate. Pearl Street Bagels has great bagels, but I go for the coffee. There's always a line out the door, and unfortunately, if you just want coffee you have to join the line. But, it's worth the wait. I always get a breve and there's never any bitterness or bite. The Saturday's farmer's market is on the square. Lots of fresh vegetables, cheeses and baked goods. Grab some of the gluten-free muffins, sit on one of the park benches in the square drinking your breve from Pearl Street and watch for celebrities. Thank you to the guy on the trail around Jenny Lake for showing us what a huckleberry looked like and how to tell when they were ready to eat!!

          Roberts, ID: The dinner at the gas station off I-15 near 48 (Exxon?). The french fries are hand cut, unpeeled, fresh Idaho potatoes. So good! Brand new owners make fresh pie daily, and they take requests. There was a chef with us who had their huckleberry pancakes one morning and told us they were the best pancakes, hands down, he'd ever had.

          Rexburg, ID: Original Thai. We were craving Asian food at this point and someone suggested Original Thai. It's a non-descript place on Main Street in Rexburg. Nothing much on the inside, but the food was excellent and the service was helpful. We had eggplant and a tofu/curried noodle dish. No alcohol served. Would definitely recommend this place. You can buy beer and wine at the local grocery store (Broulim's) to take back to your lodging.

          Rigby, ID: Breakfast at the Blue Herron B&B, Blue Ice Vodka. Breakfast at the Blue Herron Inn was always superb and Claudia will gladly meet diet requests. Blue Ice Vodka is made in Rigby from local potatoes (there's also a wheat variety). I found it at a liquor store in Idaho Falls, but haven't tried it yet. Waiting for Christmas when my kids come home.

          Idaho Falls, ID: Pachanga's, Jaker's, Jalisco's and Starbucks. Pachanga's is downtown. We had vegetable sofritas and a tamale dinner. I will have to say the tamales were great. They had Guinness on tap (at a Mexican restaurant?, but who can refuse a Guinness on tap?) and Victoria beer. Kudos to the waitress for being helpful with recommendations and for the nice visit. One of the customers proposed to his girlfriend at the next table. We ate at Jaker's twice. The first time, a Sunday night was the best. Meatloaf and fish and chips. The meatloaf was really good as were the mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus with it. The fish and chips were good, but not as good as in Jackson Hole. Second night, meatloaf again and grilled trout. The meatloaf was not nearly as good as the first night. There were huge chunks of something, pistachios? whole coriander? what?, and way too much garlic. The sauce was over-salted and the outside of the meatloaf was too dry to eat. Jalisco's was not good except for the fantastic salsa served with the chips (also comes with a bowl of refried beans). I wanted to go back and ask if they bottled that salsa, it was so good. Chile rellenos tasted and looked like a canned chile straight from the can covered with cheese sauce. That was it. Bad. The Starbucks in Idaho Falls has to be the best Starbucks anywhere. No matter the time of day, the breve latte was always great. I went there daily for a week. No bite, no bitterness, no burnt taste. The baristas were all friendly in a genuine way.

          The one thing I was looking for on the trip was huckleberry jelly and never found it.

          Bitter Creek Brewing
          604 Broadway St, Rock Springs, WY 82901

          Snake River Brewery & Restaurant
          PO Box 3317, Jackson, WY 83001

          Original Thai
          10 E Main St, Rexburg, ID 83440

          Pearl Street Bagels
          145 W Pearl St, Jackson, WY 83001