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Aug 2, 2011 03:02 PM

Ho fan noodles

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh ho fan noodles (Chinese wide rice noodles) in the Seattle area?

I tried cooking with the packaged refrigerated ones from Uwajimaya with poor results (not sure if it was the cook or the ingredient... - I found them very hard to separate.)

600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

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  1. I haven't tried this myself, but overheard it just the other day...

    You're supposed to take the packaged noodles and microwave it for 3 minutes, then peel it off into individual strips.

    Want to be the guinea pig and tell me if it works? :-)

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    1. re: HungWeiLo

      I think my mom used to soak them in hot water for an extended period of time before pulling them apart.

      1. re: ethereal

        Ah, yes, I've heard of both techniques, and was planning to try them if I can't find fresh noodles. I will report back if I do end up trying them. Thank you!

    2. I've heard that this place has fortune cookies and noodles.

      Tsue Chong Company Inc.
      508 8th Ave. S.
      (206) 623-0801


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      1. re: dave_c

        Great to know - I will drop by this store. Thanks!

      2. Try some of the other asian stores closer to 12th and Jackson. Dong Hing, Hao Hao, Lam's etc. all have the same ones as Uwajimaya (but fresh and unrefrigerated) so they are much more pliable.

        600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

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        1. re: DiggyK

          Great information! Thanks a lot! I will go to these places!

        2. Thank you everyone for the recommendations! I did end up finding fresh ho fan noodles at Hao Hao, as suggested here. That made me very happy :) I also went to Tsue Chong Company, but they had already closed. I will go there earlier next time.

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          1. re: ethnicchower

            Yes, the hours at Tsue Chong are a little wonky and the place looks scary, but if you time it right ask for the Ho Fan noodles at the counter. They don't keep them refrigerated for reasons noted above.

            Also, the fresh baked fortune cookies - including the large bags of "mistakes" - are delicious, the best I've ever had.

            1. re: LemonyRoux

              I will make sure to go to Tsue Chong next time I go to the Internation District. Thanks!