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Aug 2, 2011 02:53 PM

Cartagena recommendations

We're spending a week over New Year's in Cartagena...any recommendations for great restaurants? We're looking for some moderate priced places, and a couple of splurges. Also, any particular thoughts about New Year's Eve would also be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Be aware that there are few moderately priced restaurants restaurants in Cartagena that qualify as "good". There are though, a number of places that offer excellent food. Try Oh la la near Plaza de Santodomingo, El Club de Pesca, or 8-18, and if you want to splurge go to Vera at the Silvia Tcherassi Boutique Hotel. A few friends really like Juan del Mar for pizza, though the rest of their food isn't all that interesting.

    1. I imagine it would help if you defined "moderate." La Vitrola was an expensive restaurant in Cartagena (and a wonderful meal, by the way), but folks in major international cities probably wouldn't find it that expensive.

      The recommendation for Club de Pesca was a good one, especially for lunch. For an even cheaper option, you can check out La Dulceria, which has good sandwiches, juices, and desserts. It's a casual, small place, but it's also an institution, so there are always people there.

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        Thanks for the suggestions so far. Actually, I guess by "moderate", I mean just about anything that's not a splurge. We'll go to a small, cheap hole in the wall and locals' places (in fact, these are often our favourite) on up. But we also will go to moderately priced restaurants (it's hard to know exactly what this means in Cartegena) and, as I mentioned, will have a splurge or two. So really, anything that's good for the price level it's at would be appreciated.

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          Don't miss La Vitrola. It's on the higher end of Cartagena restaurants, but if I remember correctly, it's about $50pp with drinks and lots of food. It's really outstanding.

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            Thanks, will definitely give it a try.

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              If you go to VDL, then you should definitely go to Santamarchan (I probably spelled that wrong). It's a little town nearby. If you're driving from VDL to Raquira (home of the beautiful black pottery), then you drive right through Santamarchan. It's the home of chorizo, so there are a few restaurants grilling chorizo and other meats alongside the road. Go to Roberto's -- it's great. The picada is a platter of grilled meats, potatoes, etc. and it's outstanding. A small plate can feed two people.