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Aug 2, 2011 02:30 PM

First visit to Trader Joe's...

I'll be visiting a store this weekend. Just wondering if anyone has been and if there are any goodies or interesting items that I should keep my eyes open for?

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  1. You can get a sense of what to expect from their flyer. Just select your state from the drop-down list and then click "Read the Latest":

    1. Hiya, Peach.

      You might find this thread helpful:

      I don't care to do produce at TJs, but I like their balsamic, olive oil, pastas, cheeses, and wines and those are probably the most frequent reasons why I shop there. :)

      1. Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. In big plastic tubs. Also little chocolate-covered things.

        1. Take advantage of whatever they're demo-ing that day to try something new! I've found many a great product by sampling.

          It also depends on what you like and how you cook. I'm a working mom, so I live by many a frozen product!

          A few staples in our house:

          -Tarte D'Alsace - a thin crust 'pizza' that has Gruyere, ham and onions. I could eat a whole one myself. They have a wide variety of frozen pizzas that are not your standard 4 cheese, sausage, etc.
          -Polenta Provencal - it's a frozen meal that has polenta 'nuggets' (with a consistency of gnocchi), spinach and peas in a pink sauce. I add ground turkey to it for a quick, easy meal
          -Edamame Hummus - yup - hummus made from soybeans - love it.

          They have a great variety of salsas and chips that are off the beaten path, so you could find some neat goodies that way.

          I also buy most of my nuts and baking chocolate from TJ.

          Enjoy! :)

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            I second that edamame hummus recommendation. It will blow you away. I also recommend their sun dried tomato and pesto torta dip.

            You can eat them with the pre-packaged pita chips they sell there or what I like to do is just slice a couple of pieces of pita bread and bake at 375 for 7-12 minutes, until crispy. You can add just a bit of EVOO and sprinkle some rosemary before baking for a little seasoning as well...although the hummus/dip would take care of that!


          2. We buy there for the good prices on wine, cheese, many staples and produce. We are not big on frozen foods and have to admit I haven't found TJs to be any better--though their ice cream is good and well priced as are their big dark chocolate bars with almonds

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            1. re: escondido123

              I began shopping at TJ's circa 1998, and was a huge fan of their frozen products. I began seriously cooking for myself (and investing in a few carefully chosen pieces of high quality cookware) around 2007. I found that the more I cooked for myself, the less tasty the frozen TJ's entrees became.

              I recently saw a frozen coq au vin at TJs. Whereas in 1998 I would have said "Oh, how interesting! I'll need to try it", now I say "If I buy this, it will only disappoint" (since my coq au vin is simply spectacular :)

              You live, you grow. I still do purchase TJ's crackers, cookies, and certain select produce. Their organic grapes are generally good (be careful you don't buy a moldy box, though). I also buy their heads of broccoli and herbs, maple syrups and honey, and canned tuna. I tend to avoid any premade sauces or mixes-- again, simply because I feel that can do much better myself.

              Mr Taster