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Aug 2, 2011 02:15 PM

"THAT" need for dessert

Do you often get the need to finish a meal with something sweet? If so, does a small bite suffice, or do you go for the whole thing?

Do you indulge even if you feel full and know dessert would be too much? If so, what drives you to do it....

Curious Baker.

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  1. Never eat desserts after a meal; would probably make me nauseous.

    1. I rarely have dessert if it's just my husband and myself, though he usually has one square of dark chocolate and always offers me a bite.

      1. Yep, I always have to eat a sweet after get me to stop eating! I tend to eat until satisfied, sometimes one quick bite, but usually 4-5 bites minimum. If the dessert is good, then I will over indulge, but typically stick with a cookie or 3 until satisfied

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          ditto. I have to have that bite of sweet, or I'll keep eating other stuff til I get it. I don't feel that way at lunch (usually), so I'm sure it's just conditioning.

        2. I love having dessert, especially if having dinner out or entertaining. The meal seems unfinished without a little something sweet. I often find my eyes are wayyy bigger than my stomach, so I try to have just a very small serving or a couple of bites. I also like to wait for an hour or so after completing the main course before having dessert just to ensure I have room.

          1. I hate dessert unless ts fruit. Bake me a watermelon and Ill be happy.

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