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"THAT" need for dessert

Do you often get the need to finish a meal with something sweet? If so, does a small bite suffice, or do you go for the whole thing?

Do you indulge even if you feel full and know dessert would be too much? If so, what drives you to do it....

Curious Baker.

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  1. Never eat desserts after a meal; would probably make me nauseous.

    1. I rarely have dessert if it's just my husband and myself, though he usually has one square of dark chocolate and always offers me a bite.

      1. Yep, I always have to eat a sweet after dinner....to get me to stop eating! I tend to eat until satisfied, sometimes one quick bite, but usually 4-5 bites minimum. If the dessert is good, then I will over indulge, but typically stick with a cookie or 3 until satisfied

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          ditto. I have to have that bite of sweet, or I'll keep eating other stuff til I get it. I don't feel that way at lunch (usually), so I'm sure it's just conditioning.

        2. I love having dessert, especially if having dinner out or entertaining. The meal seems unfinished without a little something sweet. I often find my eyes are wayyy bigger than my stomach, so I try to have just a very small serving or a couple of bites. I also like to wait for an hour or so after completing the main course before having dessert just to ensure I have room.

          1. I hate dessert unless ts fruit. Bake me a watermelon and Ill be happy.

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            1. I grew up eating dessert every saturday and sunday night (and only those two nights), so on those nights it seems wrong not to, but other days of the week I usually have fruit at the end of a meal.

              1. I almost never eat dessert. If desset disappeared altogether, I wouldn't miss it.

                My mother is so obsessed with dessert, she askes to see the dessert menu prior to ordering her meal. As a back-up, she carries her favorite brand of dark chocolate in her purse in case the desserts are "not worth it"

                1. Purely psychological in my case. If I don't have dessert, my meal's not finished yet, and I can eat dessert no matter how full I was - it's like I have a separate stomach compartment for it.

                  1. All three of us -- wife, son, and I -- have something sweet a little later in the evening, but except for special occasions nothing much. Couple of cookies, one nice scoop of homemade ice cream, a bit of pie.....

                    1. I like a little something sweet after dinner, but not a lot, so I usually don't order dessert in restaurants but instead have a piece or two of good-quality chocolate when I get home. The exception is our local bistro, which prepares full-sized meals but offers only mini-desserts - two or three bites each, with great options like chocolate mousse, truffles, or creme brulee, for $3 apiece. I wish more places did this.

                      1. Absolutely, I cannot finish a meal without having a little something sweet. That doesn't mean a full-fledged dessert though. Sometimes I'll have a medjool date, a cookie, or a small piece of dark chocolate. Just a small bite of sweetness to counterbalance a savory meal.

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                          Same here. For me, I think this was set when I was a child and my stay at home mother always had a dessert ready for us after dinner.

                        2. At night I make a mini-pot of tea (2 cups). Black tea with milk. It just BEGS for some cookies to go with it. I found myself buying cookies 'to go with my tea'. Yikes.
                          So now I make green tea. Drink it plain. It does not beg for something sweet.

                          1. If I'm eating out, not only must the meal end with a dessert, but it's usually the highlight of the meal for me. I often have multiple desserts; I think the most I've ever had was 4. The main drive, other than the basic urge for sugar, is to just try something really different from the meal. The dessert is like going to another restaurant where the selections is entirely different.

                            At home, I don't keep any. I know from past experiences that something that's supposed/planned to last a week often only lasts a day or two. So, best to avoid the temptation there.

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                              What reaction do you get from the waiter when you order 4 desserts... I think I would laugh thinking you were joking.

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                                Makes me think of the 4 Godiva chocolates I picked up this evening, one of the 4 being a special edition 90% dark chocolate covered raspberry mousse. Oh dear, I purchased them as a gift, but I am t h i s close to eating someone's gift.

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                                  4 is rare. But, 2 is common. There's usually a look and a friendly exchange. I wonder if the same would happen if I was bigger. Anyway, 4 from a mid/high range place isn't that much, since each one is only good for maybe 4 bites before it's gone. Desserts are that extra special treat (that I don't allow myself during weekdays). So, I'm going to take full advantage. My future all-time favorite restaurant will have a dessert tasting menu!

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                                    Sometimes if I'm traveling or someplace special I'll order two desserts, in the name of professional research/industrial espionage.

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                                      If only chowhound had a "like" button.


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                                        If you're ever in Philly, go to Le Bec-Fin - they have an unlimited dessert cart. Of course, the dinner will set you back several hundred, but if it's the dessert cart of your dreams...

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                                          Thanks Lisa.. I sure will ~~~~ sounds wonderful:)

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                                      Years back, close friends of my parent's owned a rather nice restaurant. They had a particular dessert on the menu that my mom craved. It was some sort of chocolate coffee torte.

                                      She would call ahead to reserve this dessert. When we arrived, she would tell the hostess to make sure her piece was reserved. Then she would remind the waitress. She would partically bounce in her seat with inpatience for the rest of us to finish our meals. She WANTED that dessert.

                                      I have no doubt the staff all gathered in the kitchen to talk about her odd behavior/obsession.

                                    3. When I eat out, I often have a cup of coffee for dessert. If it is a good place the coffee will be good and I will have a satisfied feeling. Unfortunately these days, I have to ask for decaf in the evenings. About 50% of the time the coffee is made well. (In my opinion, decaf should be made slightly stronger than regular coffee, because it tastes better that way.) At home a square of dark chocolate, or a couple of Werther's sugar free candies is a satisfying way to end a meal. If I am wanting something more at home, and I find I visit the kitchen, I will often make myself a cup of green tea as a way of displacing the desire for putting something in my mouth. I don't do this in this heat though.

                                      1. Oddly, the only time I never wanted anything sweet, cake, pie, anything baked with sugar and butter and flour, after a meal was when I did the vegetarian thing; a piece of fruit would suffice. Since I've gone back to meat eating, now it's ice cream topped with fruit...in moderation, of course.

                                        When I eat out, I tend to curb the dessert and have an after dinner digestif or cordial, anisette, something like that, unless the restaurant offers a dessert I can't refuse...

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                                          I am not a chocoholic, but on the rare occasions when I eat a piece of steak, I want a piece of semisweet chocolate afterwards. I often have dessert when eating dinner out, but at home, I'll have something sweet a couple of hours after lunch or dinner, which is a holdover from my German immigrant parents' practices. I heartily endorse Gesine Bullock-Prado's crusade to restore the 3p.m. kaffeklatsch to popularity. When I was a kid, it was very common to go to a cafe or restaurant in the mid-afternoon for just coffee and cake/pie.

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                                            "crusade to restore the 3p.m. kaffeeklatsch to popularity."

                                            I heartily agree.

                                        2. Hmmm, no. I only really have the desire for something sweet randomly and seemingly without reason. Except during the spring and fall months when I get Saturday cravings. Oh, a slice of chocolate cake, a section of almond cake or a big, fat slice of pumpkin pie!

                                          Summer is too hot for sweets, winter is far too easy a time to get plump and I'm just not that big of a sweets fan to begin with.

                                          I do get random cravings for yule log "mushrooms" and other weird things like macaroons or lemon tarts, but not after a meal.

                                          1. Wow. I love desserts. I'm in the minority here, but I have a crazy sweet tooth.

                                            Cherry amaretto ice cream, fudgy brownies drizzled in rum caramel, spiked apple cake with brandy brown sugar sauce -- I love them all.

                                            I must have my favorite late-night sweet and naughty snacks.

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                                            1. re: blackjackbakehouse

                                              Wow Black, that sounds incredibly good. Yum

                                            2. My sweets cravings are random and unpredictable. I often enjoy something sweet after dinner, but I suspect that's habit rather than craving because if the meal was tasty and satisfying it's no effort to pass on a dessert.

                                              I sometimes want sweets late at night but have found in recent years that if I eat a good-sized salad at lunchtime or in the afternoon, this craving does not manifest. So I often eat salad in the afternoon.

                                              PS: Did not have salad this afternoon and reading blackjackbakehouse's post has triggered a snack attack. Will try to exercise moderation and tame the craving with a glass of chocolate milk. Or a bowl of cheerios with brown sugar. It's a good thing I haven't got cherry amaretto ice cream on hand.

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                                                I know what you mean eclectic, I had a craving creep up as well after reading blackjack:) And "mmm" to cherry amaretto !

                                              2. I like two bites of something sweet after a nice meal. But not a whole dessert. I kind of budget my stomach for it.