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Mar 21, 2006 08:59 PM

Fun Date Place on the Westside

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Any recs for a place like Bandera (minus the insane wait) on the westside, i.e. btwn Santa Monica and Beverly Hills?

Maybe a little younger-feeling than Bandera. That type of food would be good though, and a full bar. Gardens of Glendon seems a bit too old and expensive. Literati II a bit too sedate.

Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. banderas takes reservations, so a wait is not the issue and it would make a good date place, heck - its a hell of a pick up place if your date does not work out. another good one is the border grill in sm, it can be quiet depending on where you sit, the food can be very good - sharing is always a good date thing and the shaken margs speak for themselves, excellent. another option is thai beach on pch, good food, do not go on friday, packed. typhoon @ the airport might do, or even the hump, kind of different locations. good luck!

    1. Bandera can get a bit loud, mind you. I only point it out because I had a date take me to Nobu last weekend, and I had no voice when we left because I was practically yelling to talk to him. (Also as a side note, I advise you not to complain to your date about the way the chef charged for the sushi... if your date offers to split the bill with you, and you decline, and you yourself picked the expensive restaurant, then bitching about the high pricing and/or manner of charging appears, to be candid, tacky.)

      Might I also suggest somewhere that you can share food and have it as a source of entertainment like Gyu-kaku or some other korean barbecue. Also, I was thinking Musha might be a good choice.

      Another cute option is Pizzicotto in Brentwood.

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        I had a great date on Saturday night at Pizzicotto and we're both in our 20s, so hopefully that still counts as young & fun!

        1. re: e revisited

          people are fun not places. love the chick w/ sun dried tom @ Pizzicotto = good salmon too.

      2. The Nook, in the back corner of a minimall on Santa Monica Blvd. a block east of Barrington. Good food and service, not too expensive (almost all entrees in mid to high teens), some starters can be shared (mac'n'cheese or mussels). Disparate crowd for people-watching, not ear-splitting loud. Need a reservation. Good luck and have fun!

        1. Try Sawtelle Kitchen. Food is very good. I recommend the Chilean Sea Bass and the Japanese style fried chicken wings. entrees in the mid-to-high teens and the decor has a certain artsy charm. can get crowded. reservations recommended.

          1. i like musha - fun atmosphere, not too pricey, and the food certainly stimulates conversation.