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Aug 2, 2011 01:31 PM

Top 5 of the Cape

Hi Everyone,
We're leaving for the Cape next week. I have a reservation at the Impudent Oyster in Chatham, but that's it. Love Sesuit Harbour, but would love some more tips and recomendations.
Please give me your all time top 5 restaurants on the Cape !
Wil be visiting P-Town for a day, but staying in Dennis ....
Many thanks!
Markham Mum

Impudent Oyster
15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

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  1. Whoa....that's a loaded question and tough to answer without any limitations. It could make for a great thread though, so I'll give it a shot! (In no particular order)

    Top 5.....Money is no object ****

    28 Atlantic at Wequassett Inn

    Ocean House Dennisport

    Regatta in Cotuit

    ABBA in Orleans

    Osteria La Civetta Falmouth

    Top 5 Clam Shacks*****

    Sesuit Cafe

    Friendly Fisherman


    Marathon Dennisport

    The Clam Shack Falmouth

    *****Top 5 Italian American*****

    Alberto's Hyannis

    Tomatoes Sandwich

    Villa Roma Harwichport

    Soprano's Mashpee

    Gina's by the Sea Dennis (nostalgic choice for me)

    *****Top 5 pizza*****

    Colombo's Hyannis

    Palio's Hyannis

    George's Harwichport

    Joey's Dennisport

    Box Office Cafe Chatham

    *****Top 5 Asian/sushi******

    Misaki Hyannis

    Inaho Yarmouthport

    Asia Mashpee Commons

    Golden Fountain Hyannis (Chinese)

    Thuan LOI (Vietnamese)

    Top 5 Moderate*****

    Riverway S. Yarmouth

    Del Mar Chatham

    Fannizzi's by the Sea Ptown

    Mac Shack Welfleet

    Chatham Squire

    Top 5 Cheap Eats******

    Burrito Bistro Hyannis

    Timmy's Roast Beef W. Yarmouth

    McGrath's Saloon Hyannis

    Mercantile Dennis

    Buckie's Dennisport

    ******Top 5 Best view and setting with Awful Food******

    Matakeese Wharf Barnstable Harbor

    Clancy's Dennisport

    Brax Landing Harwichport

    Marshside East Dennis

    Lighthouse Inn Dennisport

    Mostly mid-Cape centric as that's where I'm from. I'm sure others will have plenty to add.Enjoy and report back!

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Wow, thank you so much CCguy. I wrote everything down. Thank you for taking the time. We actually lloved the Riverway last year and ended up there twice! They haven't changed the salad dressing bottles for over 30 years! Nostalgia!
      Marathon ,yes really good. Will go there for sure. Never been to the Chatham Squire, walked by it 100 times, will make a point to go in.
      What do you think of BZ'S in Dennisport?
      Yes,Clancy's HORRIBLE.We found sesuit Harbour Cafe, because of your posts here, thank you, best rec ever! Would you choose Ocean House over Impudent Oyster? Are they about the same price point?
      There was also mention as a must go in Wellfleet. We did go, it's by Sandunes and truly ,unless you're a local or a Chowhound fanatic, one would never find this little gem of a bar. It was packed and that's why we didn't go in. It also looks like a party place and we were with my parents and 7 year old daughter. Ring a bell? Really lovely, facing sand dunes, parking lot right in front.Off the main roads for sure ....Anyone? Again, thank you so much !!!

      Ocean House Restaurant
      425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

      Impudent Oyster
      15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

      1. re: markhammum

        Re: Wellfleet....The Beachcomber at Cahoon Hollow Beach? Probably.

        CCG's list is beyond reproach. Like him, I'm a mid-Caper (who'd like to be a lower-Caper). Falmouth?? Don't I need a passport to go there?

        Impudent Oyster vs Ocean House. I say go to both. I love the Oyster for sentimental/nostalgic reasons, but it really is solid and consistent and they have a very comprehensive menu. The Ocean House is fantastic. You must go.

        Ocean House Restaurant
        425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

        Impudent Oyster
        15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

        1. re: ciclista

          Yes! It is The Beachcomber, that came to me a few minutes ago, but you seconding it ,itt must be! Thanks!
          If you HAD to choose between the Oyster and Ocean House which one? We've been to the Oyster many times, but funnily enough, never to Ocean House,even though we're stayed next door at The Colony Beach for many years! I guess it kind of feels like we're not out for dinner when we've been enjoying that same view all day.
          Why would you like to be Lower Cape? What towns does that consist of? Falmouth? Sandwich? Mashpee? Il ove everything about the Cape and New England.

          Ocean House Restaurant
          425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

        2. re: markhammum

          Mum....BZ's has been there for decades so they must be doing something right. Haven't been, honestly, in 20+ years so I'll reserve comment to others. Anyway, when in the area I either go nearby to Joey's on Lower County Rd. for great thin crust NY style pizza, or down 28 a way to Georges for the best Greek-style pan pizza you will find anywhere. Both do a good job on sandwiches as well.

          Ciclista. I'm confused. Falmouth is upper Cape (with Mashpee and Sandwich) no? Lower or Down Cape is Orleans and points east.

          Beachcomber is awesome. Love the raw bar, reggae Sundays, and frosty drinks on the beach. Eat and they'll validate your $15 parking so you get a bonus day at the beach.

          If you've never been to The Ocean House just do it. We're a bit spoiled as they do an awesome deal in the off-season with a $25 prix fixe, but the food and the setting is one of the finest on Cape.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            CCG- I didn't mean to confuse you. I changed subjects too rapidly, I guess: yes, I know that Falmouth & Mashpee are Upper Cape, and Orleans and north are Lower Cape. I was raised, summers, in Dennis (north of 6A), currently live on Nantucket (25 years now), but would rather be living on the Upper Cape. Hope that clears it up. Will work for food.

            So, Mark, you see that it is indeed counterintuitive: Upper Cape (Falmouth and environs), versus Lower Cape. It's just personal preference. PS- go to Ocean House!

            Ocean House Restaurant
            425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

            1. re: ciclista

              LOL...i figured I was misunderstanding! And actually, I was wrong as I think the Lower Cape "officially" starts with Brewster/Harwich, not Orleans.

              I grew up on Whig Street in Dennis in the 60s and 70s so we may have been neighbors!

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                Many great choices here. only one i can't agree with is Villa Roma Harwichport.
                been there twice and found the food fair. Love Italian food. all other places would agree with. there are a lot of of good Italian food choices Villa Roma was not one for me and I doubt I would ever try it again. A minority as many people spoke well of it but in this case for me two strikes and you're OUT.
                Only been once to Ocean House but it was great. Will go back! Been to Impudent Oyster once as well but many years ago. it was fine then.

                Ocean House Restaurant
                425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

                Villa Roma
                278 Main St, Harwich, MA 02645

                Impudent Oyster
                15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Pilgrim Rd! In the 60s and 70s, too!

                  1. re: ciclista

                    Hmm...did we ever kiss as 6 year olds under the apple tree on the corner of Hope and Whig? Or slide down the "fireman's" pole in somone's barn (forget whose barn) :-)

            2. re: markhammum

              Falmouth is the Upper Cape. Provincetown to Orleans is the Lower Cape.

              1. re: ptowncook4

                I'm not a Cape Codder (although I drink them quite frequently), but I play one for one week each year. I thought anywhere north of Orleans was outer Cape. Then Orleans, Brewster, Chatham and Dennis were lower cape. Hyannis, Yarmouth and Falmouth is mid Cape and upper Cape is where the bridges and Woods Hole are. I'd like to get this down so I can appear to know what I'm talking about in certain social situations.

                1. re: foodwallguy

                  People, even those who've lived here for a while get this confused. The Outer Cape and the Lower Cape are the same area of the Cape. There's just 2 names for it. I imagine Lower Cape was in response to Upper Cape, but I prefer Outer because we're out here! I'm posting a link here so you can check out the real deal!

            3. re: CapeCodGuy

              Great post CCG! I'll add some of my favorites, as I'm the exact opposite of CCG, spending all of my time either in Wellfleet or Falmouth:

              Must visits in Wellfleet areat:

              1. Blackfish, in Truro: Excellent food, moderately expensive, no views.

              2. The Wicked Oyster, Wellfleet: Great breakfasts/brunches, and yummy dinners. Fun, funky atmosphere.

              3. PB Boulangerie, for awesome pastries and breads, pick up a picnic to go.

              4. Friendly Fisherman, take it to go and eat at the Wellfleet Drive in --Big Fun!

              Wicked Oyster
              50 Main St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                CCC: I've got a new top pizza place for you. Just came back from an 8 day stay on the Cape and discovered Carluccio's which just opened this year. It is right next to that Mercantile store on Bass River (rte 28). Here is the link:
                And the pizza’s they make look as good as the pictures on the site - - - this isn’t bait and swith. And best of all - - - they deliver. I got delivery and the crust held up pretty well, but I would think it is even better out of the oven right there. They have about 6 small tables inside if you wanted to swing by and try it.
                This place just might skyrocket to the top of the Cape pizza list….

                I alro really liked the lobster roll I had a PJ's in wellfleet (not JPs).

                A couple additions to your list, and my 2 favorite places to eat on the Cape if we can manage to get out without the kids: Italian - Norabella. Seafood: Pisces.

                1. re: foleyd7

                  Foley, I know Carluccio's quite well and stop by often. Awesome sandwiches with bread from Bova's in the North End and pastries from Modern pastry. Sorry to say, I really dislike the pizza. The crust is just very bland to me and the toppings sparse for the premium pricing. The sausage is actually grated on, neither chunks, nor slices. When they first opened their portions on everything were miniscule, and I'm happy to say they've improved on that greatly. Quality is top notch. Love love love the veal parm or meatball sandwiches toasted in their oven. Excellent tomato sauce too. Good recs overall, foleyd7 and I have to get out and try Norabella one of these days as you mention it often. Favorite dish?

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    The 2 pizza's we liked at Carluccios were their white pie (ricotta and mozz only, no red sauce or toppings) and their margherita with fresh mozz and basil. We liked the simple quality ingredients that weren’t overloaded. We also tried their regular cheese with meatball, which we didn't love as much compared to the other 2; we though there was too much cheese and meatball on the pizza that made it too heavy. We liked the crust for being very thin in the center but bubbly on the edges and light all around - - - we thought it could be a touch crisper, but we attributed that to our takeout traveling in a box.

                    As for Norabella I loved their veal Milanese - - - small portions but very quality ingredients cooked well (very tender). Last week I had a special on their menu which was a simple white fish sautéed next to risotto and asparagus. Again, all very simple but very fresh and all cooked properly. Simple, fresh, and properly prepared has been the theme for everything we have tried there so far.
                    And if you go you must try a dessert they have which is a fried chocolate and orange ricotta ball - - - it sounded weird at first but the waitress recommended it and we loved it. It isn't shown on the online menu, but it has been on their restaurant menu each time we have gone.

                2. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Gerardi's Cafe not in the top-5 Italian places on the cape??? I find the food quality consistently better there than Gina's or Alberto's.

                  Gerardis Cafe
                  902 Route 28, South Yarmouth, MA 02664

                  1. re: steve999

                    Actually Steve, I don't believe Girardi's should even qualify as a top 10. It may be somewhat comparable to Gina's, an admittedly nostalgic pick. (I've been going there since the mid 70s) but Alberto's is in an entirely different class.. No fan of Girardi's red sauce and inexpensive boxed pasta, the menu is no where near the depth and breadth to be found at Albertos, whose pastas, house made gnocchi, chicken or veal, fish and ciopinno, and prime beef dishes are all consistantly spot on. My go-to dish is the Veal Capri, Fried cutlet topped with fresh lobster, asparagus, and a brandied pink peppercorn sauce. Outstanding!

                    There are many others that one could argue should be top 5 well before Girardi's should be considered. Nauset Beach Club, Buca's, Barolo's, Fazio's, Colombo's, Siena, Cucuna Sul Mare, Villa Villagio, Front Street, Sal's Place, all do it markedly better in my opinion. Not that Giradri's is terrible for everyone for what it is mind you, a basic red sauce family casual restaurant, but it would never be mistaken for fine cuisine.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Agree that Alberto's is well above Girardi's.

                      I think Girardi's biggest problem is their red sauce is a little heavy (too much (unnecessary) paste added?) and always over-sauced on their dishes. We did eat there this past trip because we can walk to it with our kids. My wife and I both ordered dishes that don't have red sauce - - - a pork medallion special and I ordered their creamy chicken & prosciutto appetizer as my dinner by asking them to serve it over linguine; turned out to be the best dinner dish we had. My daughter is a pasta fiend and even she didn't love their red sauce.

                      But I would put it above Gina's - - - though I will grant you an exception :) in your ranking for factoring in nostalgia as I do realize that atmosphere, service, and history do play a part in one's overall dining experience.

                      I haven't been to Nauset Beach Club in 7+ years but always intend to get back. I recall it being a little pricy, but having a god menu with quality ingredients that were cooked well (and a huge wine list). Is this still the case?

                      And we did Buca's about 4 years ago and thought it was OK but not great - - - I do want to go back and give them a try again. Is it worth the trip back?

                      Nauset Beach Club Restaurant
                      222 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

                      1. re: foleyd7

                        PS: in a prior post you had asked about the tent/cart that was in Buca's parking lot for lunch. We drove by it (didn't stop) this past week and it is a hot dog cart. I don't imagine it is affiliated with Buca's. but I could be wrong.

                        1. re: foleyd7

                          Thanks for scoping out the cart. Doesn't sound like it's woth a trip!

                          Buca's is funny. Great meal on one visit, mezza mezza the next. Hard to figure. Nauset beach is not cheap, and some think the portions are small for the price, but I think they try to replicate the multi-course dining found in much of Italy, but I enjoy it. As you look for quality ingredients prepared well, I think you would enjoy it, although it has been getting some spotty reviews as of late.

                        2. re: CapeCodGuy

                          I went to Gina's for the first time last week and was unimpressed. Forced valet parking in a tiny parking lot, and the food was just ok. An 1 1/2 wait at 8:00pm? Silly. I wouldn't go back unless I was staying somewhere close to Mayflower Beach.

                          One could probably do better to stop at Chapin's and order one of their Italian dishes.

                          After a second consecutive meh experience at Nauset Beach Club, I've written it off. I wanted to like it, but it just doesn't work.

                          1. re: steve999

                            Sounds about right for Gina's. Food's okay. Kind of comfort Italian American food. Forced valet is precisely BECAUSE of the cramped parking lot. Rather common on the Cape and no issue for most. The long wait to get in, even mid-week, has been like that for over 35 years so they are doing something right I guess. Of course, iI'm not sure it's fair to proclaim one place more consistant than another based on only one sampling, but perhaps that's just me.

                            Chapin's? Blechhhh.

                            Those that love Girardi's aren't likely to appreciate Nauset Beach Club.

                            No surprise, really.

                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                              "Those that love Girardi's aren't likely to appreciate Nauset Beach Club."


                              Nothing to do with it. I like lots of places serving Northern Italian cuisine - just not a big fan of theirs. The last 2 times we went there, we left feeling we should have dined somewhere else instead.

                              Nauset Beach Club Restaurant
                              222 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

                            2. re: steve999

                              If I had to name a few top to eat considering you have a week the top would be 28 Atlantic for WOW, Ocean House for consistent fair prices on the water, Sesuit Cafe for on the water clam shack, Hangar B for breakfast / brunch, the Comber for drinks and raw bar and scene..the rest discussed are all good but how do you choose..think Cape Cod, what you cannot get back home..Oh add Mac's Shack for a great bar and sushi...

                              Ocean House Restaurant
                              425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

                              1. re: steve999

                                Sorry to hear about your disappointments at Nauset Beach Club. I thought they went through a brief down period about 4 or 5 years ago, when the owner tried opening a second restaurant. But two of the last three years Nauset Beach Club has been the most satisfying and well rounded dinner I've had on the Cape. I suspect it depends what each diner selects, I have had great success with daily specials and regular menu items, mostly seafood secondi, sometimes non-seafood primi.

                                Nauset Beach Club Restaurant
                                222 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

                              2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                CCG, I have been a lurker on these boards for years and generally love all your recommendations and think your assessments are spot on. Since real Italian food is my passion (and I've been lucky enough to eat in Italy many times), I need to second Foley's recommendation that you eat at Norabella. It's hands down the best Italian on the Cape (especially if you like Northern Italian), and I don't even really think there's a close second. Alberto's is pretty decent for Italian-American, but I have to say the last few times I've been there the service bordered on haughty/disinterested. Also, the menu is too expansive for them to perfect the food; I tend to enjoy Italian restaurants whose menus focus on one region of Italy (or at least a smaller menu) and perfect those dishes using the freshest ingredients. The variety can then be achieved when the Chef can utilize his/her creativity on daily specials that highlight fresh/seasonal ingredients. This is precisely what I love about Norabella. I am in no way associated with the restaurant...just a huge fan. Bottom line, I appreciate all your recommendations over the years, and I am now just trying to return the favor. :)

                                1. re: Cardello

                                  Thank you for the kind words and the reiteration of foleyd's rec of Norabella. I will have to give it a go, as like you, I do prefer authentic Italian food to Italian American.

                                  You, in turn, need to try Osteria La Civetta on Main Street in Falmouth. Very simple Northern Italian menu, fresh house made pastas, local ingredients, and a skilled chef. Even the room feels authentic.


                                  Osteria La Civetta
                                  133 Main St, Falmouth, MA 02540

                                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                    Thanks...I'll definitely put that on my list!

                                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                      Ate at Osteria last fall. Yes, food and room are nice. Service is VERY amateurish, though. After walking in to a completely empty room and staring at the woman behind the bar for close to 2-3 minutes, I finally had to walk up to her and ask to be seated for my reservation. Service throughout the meal was very odd....each of my 4 DCs commented at some point during the meal. The food was outstanding though!

                                      1. re: Science Chick

                                        +1 on this Osteria. I really like the food, and the room on the left is quite nice. The back room is a bit too spartan for my tastes, and the service when we went was very amateurish as well, which is too bad since the food was as authentically Bolognaise as I've had in Massachusetts.

                                        1. re: winedude

                                          It really is a gem that it's a shame so many overlook it. I agree on the back room as well much prefering the room on the left or the front room on the right. I always get the impression that there is a language issue with the service people and that contributes to the amatuerish vibe.

                                    2. re: Cardello

                                      Went back to Alberto's 8/4, and though I'll agree the overall food quality is better than Gerardi's, the service level and execution isn't.

                                      It took 3 trips to the kitchen to get the 2 dishes we ordered correct, and service was slow/basic. It seemed a lot less busy, so maybe lots of people are also experiencing indifferent service?

                                      1. re: steve999

                                        Funny, I was actually there a day later and the place was packed at 6:00 pm. We dined al fresco on the sidewalk which is always enjoyble. When judging the level of business you have to take into account it seats almost 400 people in several rooms (not including the function room) so one complete seating would equal a weeks worth of patrons at Girardis. I find both food quality and execution to be of much higher standard, but agree that the service help can be sometime oft-putting as he has to rely on so many V-1 visa foreign workers to work the multiple busy rooms. Not sure what time you were there but it's positively one of the busiest restaurants, even year round , on Cape.

                                        What did you order that took repeated trips to the kitchen to get right?

                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                          I don't feel there should be any excuse for a foreign waistaff nor should there be a language issue. For years I have enjoyed being served by the seasonal workers at many they from Jamaica, Ireland or Eastern Europe, it's all good. I blame the owners/managers for hiring staff who cannot serve properly. Waitressing is an art..understanding the clients needs, timing, communication...a good waiter/waitress is much appreciated. We had a LOVELY server from one of the new K countries in the former Soviet Union. He spoke wonderful English and served very well. I will fondly remember how is presence enhanced our dining experience at Oran Mor in June.

                                          Oran Mor
                                          2 S Beach St, Nantucket, MA 02554

                                          1. re: phelana

                                            All valid points as usual phelana.I think the issue with the V-1 workers per se is not that they are foreign but that by the very nature of their temporary visa status they have limited time for training and experience.

                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                              As regards the service at la civetta -- I've always found the "disconnects" between the staff and the clientele to be reminiscent of some actual experiences in Italy. There may some elements of amateurishness or language barriers in their service problems, but I also wonder if there is just a difference in priorities. At any rate, it is uncanny how the vibe of the service -- not just the food -- transports us back to Italy when we are in there.

                                    3. re: CapeCodGuy

                                      I understand there is a new chef at Nauset Beach Club. Have you been there recently? I've always had good meals there but don't generally go in the summer--too crowded for me.
                                      Also, I was really disappointed with my most recent experience at Fazio's. Even my teenaged sons complained about the pasta being oversauced. I wanted to like it but was underwhelmed.

                                      Nauset Beach Club Restaurant
                                      222 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

                                  2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                    CapeCodGuy, you have just authored my new Cape Cod food bible. Thanks!

                                  3. Love the topic-I have been going with a crew of people for about 30 years in a row and we stay in Eastham.We take one day where we dont go to sunset before dinner and go right from Coast Guard Beach to the Beachcomber-Drinks/raw bar/dinner with great friends make that a real special time.

                                    2 Replies
                                    1. re: daver

                                      That sounds so perfect Daver! Enjoy and we will definitely get to the Beachcomber this trip.

                                      1. re: markhammum

                                        I also love the Friendly Fisherman and Arnolds for what they do-our group really likes Finely JPs in Wellfleet-The place has had mostly positive reviews on Chowhound.Our group(at least 5 families with kids of all ages)has gone to Catch of the Day the last few years and we also have enjoyed a 'non seafood" time at Russ and Maries BBQ.We also go one night to Pates in Chatham-Imputent Oyster and Chatham Squier also we have enjoyed.Because of kids we do not go real fancy.We used to have one night where we ordered 3 lb lobsters and brought them back to our cottages but since the Eastham Lobster Pool closed the attached fish market closes to early to have them do it.

                                        Lobster Pool
                                        329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

                                    2. My time on Cape has been limited the past few years, so I only eat fish and seafood when I eat out, and can't speak to pizza, vegetarian, meats, etc.

                                      The best meals I have had lately, in pricier places, have been Nauset Beach Club and Abba in Orleans, Front Street in Provincetown (warning: a couple of years ago, not this season), and Fin in Dennis (the former Brewster Fish House chef's new spot; I'm also giving her credit for many excellent meals when she ran the Fish House kitchen). My experiences are limited to Dennis, Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Orleans, and the Outer Cape.

                                      Wellfleet also has Bookstore Restaurant, a family favorite, along with Mac's for casual snacking on the pier and Mac's Shack for evening bites.

                                      It's been years since I Beachcombed, but that's a classic experience. Arnold's is a zoo, but it's a great clam/lobster shack, and you already know about Sesuit Harbor Cafe; The Friendly Fisherman is decent, too. Haven't yet been to PG Boulangerie, but it came highly recommended by some Quebec friends, but then they found a French-speaking oasis!

                                      If I had a week on Cape and wanted three great meals, I would book a table at Abba, Nauset Beach Club, and either Front Street (if they are still as good as a few years ago) or Fin, and I would consider it a good week. Enjoy your own visit!

                                      Sesuit Harbor Cafe
                                      357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

                                      Nauset Beach Club Restaurant
                                      222 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

                                      Brewster Fish House
                                      2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

                                      Front Street Restaurant
                                      230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

                                      3 Replies
                                      1. re: Dan D

                                        I'll second Fin in Dennis as a new spot definitely worth making the trip to visit for a nice meal. It seems they've worked out the early kinks that any new restaurant experiences. I used to enjoy Lazy Lobster in Chatham for a lobster roll, but they seem to get smaller every year.

                                        Lazy Lobster
                                        247 Orleans Rd, Chatham, MA 02633

                                        1. re: The700Level

                                          Thank you everyone for all of your opinions and for taking the time to help us out ! It's so much fun and educating to read all the posts. We will definitely take the advice.
                                          Is The Hangar theo ne in Chatham withthe ricotta pancakes? Is this a must do breakfast?

                                          1. re: markhammum


                                            Order the red flannel hash, too!

                                      2. If your stay in Ptown is for dinner I would go to Jimmy's Hideaway. Quite a new place and IMHO better than Front Street which is crowded and rushed. Great service, atmosphere and food, Jimmy's is very welcoming and low key. Wear your "good" tshirt.

                                        1 Reply
                                          1. re: chaz

                                            Been getting some really terrible reviews lately elsewhere, especially the Bistro. Can't speak to it personally, however.