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Aug 2, 2011 01:20 PM

Where can I get a vegan cake in San Francisco?

A friend wants a vegan cake for his birthday. I'm not so sure this is a good idea, but it is his birthday, so can anyone recommend a bakery in San Francisco where I can get a vegan cake?

I would prefer a place East of Twin Peaks (Castro, Noe Valley, Mission, downtown, etc.).

Thank you.

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  1. Did you try Cafe Gratitude?

    I AM RAPTURE ~ LAYER CAKE (flavors change daily)
    Nut flour layer cake of the day

    Example of raw vegan cake.

    1. Whole Foods usually has a few vegan cakes.

      1. Kara's Cupcakes has vegan options, if cupcakes will fit your need.

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          Kara's Cupcakes does not have vegan options. I believe they have gluten free. Sprinkles does offer a vegan red velvet cake that is coconut based and it is delicious. The staff at Sprinkles tell me that they all prefer the vegan red velvet to the conventional dairy based red velvet.

          1. re: Growlfood

            Sprinkles vegan red velvet is pretty good, but I do find it heavy and oily. I'm vegan, so I eat it, but I do wish for a lighter version somewhere.

        2. Whole Foods has a pretty good chocolate sheet cake that is vegan.

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            The chocolate cake at Whole Foods also comes in slices, if you want to try it out before committing to a whole cake. I really like the chocolate "mousse" that fills and frosts the cake. It's pretty light, not as sweet as normal frosting, but it MUST be refrigerated, or it slides off the cake. I had this as my birthday cake slice, with some raspberries. Whole Foods also does a vegan chocolate mousse/cake parfait that already has some raspberries in it.

            I had four other chocolate cake slices/cupcakes and--to my taste--at least,this was the best, though it wasn't the prettiest cake slice. The other contenders were Amy's pound cake (a little rubbery and presentation sucked, but not bad), Babycakes NYC (had the chocolate mint cupcake which was very oily and heavy), and Loving Hut's chocolate and German chocolate cake slices (both very good and were the most attractive of all).