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Aug 2, 2011 12:31 PM

Grilling beef to eat cold on shabbos

What is the right cut of beef to grill ahead just to medium rare and and serve cold at Shabbos lunch?

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    1. re: ferret

      Definitely London Broil. Skirt/hangar steak works well too.

        1. re: AdinaA

          Third vote for london broil - I have also done a shoulder roats as well as well as rib steaks -

        2. if price isnt really an issue, roasting just the eye of the rib(known in treif as barrel cut, in kosher as "filet") of a rib eye is the way to go, & the rib top you can make a nice butchers cut steak for friday dinner out of.

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            1. re: AdinaA

              We often grill a hangar steak to eat cold on Shabbos afternoon. Delicious.

          1. marinated minute roast (after it's been cut in half lengthwise and degrizzled) is also great cold from the grill

            1. I vote London Broil as well- the best recipe I've found so far is Susie Fischbein's Bloody-Mary Marinated London Broil. You don't have to heat up the sauce for Shabbat, the meat is delicious without it.

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              1. re: websterhall1994

                Are you referring to the recipe in her Passover by Design book, or does she have a different recipe elsewhere?

                1. re: helou

                  Kosher by Design-Short on time p 158. It's possible that Susie Fishbein adapted it for her Passover by Design book. The only thing that would be hard to substitute is Worcestershire sauce.
                  By the way, there is an index available online for all Kosher by Design recipes that lists which volume and which page each recipe is on.

                  1. re: websterhall1994

                    The reviews of her Passover book all said that the recipes were mostly just modified recipes from the other cookbooks, so I'm not surprised that this recipe shows up in a Passover and regular book.

                    1. re: websterhall1994

                      This is good information. Thanks. I used the Pesach recipe for London Broil for Shabbos, and it was delicious. I'll check out the Short on Time version next time.