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Aug 2, 2011 12:28 PM

Fresh pasta dough advice please

Need some quick advice if any pasta makers are out there. I've never made my own pasta, I always buy fresh pasta sheets from my favourite Italian shop, then feed the sheets through my pasta machine & I'm done.

Well for some stupid reason, I thought I'd try making my own fresh pasta as the pasta sheets I buy can get expensive if I need a fair amount for extra dinner guests.

I found and made this recipe as I liked the idea of being able to use my food processor.

The dough was okay, not great, I did have to mist it a couple of times to soften it up, but other than that, it rolled and cut into spaghetti quite nicely.

My problem now is, the spaghetti strands which were separate as they cut, are now sticking together, and will not come apart without tearing.

I've got the cut spaghetti on a sheet pan sprinkled with flour, as well as the spaghetti sprinkled with flour, and it is covered with press n seal to keep out air.

My question.. is this pasta doomed when it comes time to boil it because of the strands being stuck together? I've never had this problem with the pasta sheets I buy, so don't know the outcome of stuck together fresh spagetti in boiling water.

I do have regular dry spagetti as a back up, but hate to see the 1/2 dozen expensive free range eggs I bought just for this recipe go in the trash.

Any and all advice would be greatly apreciated.

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  1. I'm far from an expert on this, but it seems to me the misting and sealing out the air are some of your problems. Your sheets should be fairly dry and dusted with flour when you cut them, and then you dust the cut spaghetti with flour and either hang to dry or lay out on towels after cutting to dry more -- you would never seal to keep out the air.

    As for being stuck together now -- yeah, I think you're done for. I don't think they'll come apart when you cook them. At least mine never have when they're stuck before cooking. I could be wrong.

    1. Answering my own post. My spaghetti will not separate upon boiling according to the advice I found on peggys pasta.

      She advizes the strands be separated before boiling. Considering the fact I'd need a magician to do that task, packaged dry pasta will be on the menu instead.

      1. Sprinkle some corn meal on the tray, then swirl the fresh cut spaghetti around in it. That helps keep it from sticking. Also, I would NOT cover it in plastic. That makes it sweat, which makes it stick, especially in this weather. (I don't know what "press n seal" is.)

        Let it air out. When do you plan to serve it?

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          I second the corn meal advice. The flour gets wet and becomes like glue but the corn meal will drop off the pasta when it cooks..

          Press n seal is an airtight plastic wrap. It's great for liquids because it seals the top completely, even if it falls over. In this case, it held in all the moisture, which with the extra flour, probably was glue-like on the pasta.

        2. I'd just spread them out and cut them by hand with knife if you really want to save your spaghetti. You might end up with something more like linguini, but that would be better than having them all stuck together in a gluey mass for your guests.

          I have ended up with pasta like yours and I cut it crosswise and cooked it in chicken soup like dumplings. It's not something I'd feed my friends, but it was fine to us. It's a shame to waste all that effort!

          1. If it's really still all that sticky, you could just ball it up, re-roll and re-cut it. This time use plenty of flour so it won't stick. All is not lost. Flour and air are your friends. Press n' seal is your enemy.