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Aug 2, 2011 10:33 AM

Avalon Diner

I think Jaymes asked once where I go for typical Texas style comfort food. Maybe when we were discussing Mama's Cafe.

Well, I just discovered that Avalon Diner, (that venerable old establishment near Westheimer and Kirby), has a new younger sibling on the south side of the Katy Freeway just west of Voss. If you've been around here a while, you would remember the location as the former haunt of Southwell's before they moved over by MHS.

Apparently, Avalon opened this new branch back in December, but I just found it last Friday. (OK, I didn't "find" it, it got "shown to" me. Happy?)

Anyway, we found a thirty minute wait at Pappy's on Friday, so my buddy suggested the Avalon, just a long block away. I readily agreed, and we found several tables available.

Typical diner fare - breakfast all day, burgers, meat loaf, fried chicken, chicken fried know this menu by heart already.

Served by professional diner waitresses, (many of whom were apparently imported from the original location), the food is good.

We're putting it in the rotation, I think. In fact, I went back for lunch with my mom over the weekend.

Friday, I had the Blue plate special of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas. Very good, but I liked the sauce they use at Hollister Grill better. More zing.

Sunday, I had a cheeseburger and fries. Typical, great diner-style-thin-patty-burger with a slice of American cheese, mustard, pickles, tomato, onion and lettuce. Frozen crinkle cut fries.

Have you been yet? What did you have?

Haven't? Then go.

Tell 'em Doobie sent you.

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  1. There is also one on 59 near Hwy 90 in "The Fountains" shopping center. We've been a few rimes & while it is good, it's close to the Sugar Land 59 Diner which I like better.

    59 Diner
    12550 SW Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478

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    1. re: DaTulip


      I liked Avalon light years better than the I-10 location, (or for that matter, the Shepherd and 59 version), of the 59 Diner. In fact, I have been very, very, very disappointed by my last few visits at both of those locations of the 59 Diner.

      1. re: DoobieWah

        Neither is destination dining IMO, but yes, I prefer 59 Diner. Not that it is better by any leaps & bounds, and I wouldn't turn my nose up at Avalon. Haven't been to either in the last 6 months.

        1. re: DoobieWah

          I went to the one off of 59 by the Fountains. I was not impressed at all.

          1. re: ziggysmogdust

            Can't speak for that one, but we've since been back to the one on I-10. Had another Blue Plate Special and need to remark that the mashed potatoes were pretty lumpy.

            That's right, no Sysco potato buds here. Real mashed potatoes.

            One of my dining companions had the Challah French Toast. It was "OMG" good.

            What's your favorite home style and/or diner? I'm always looking for my mom's chicken fried steak.

            1. re: DoobieWah

              Check this out. If it ever cools off I'm taking a roadie down there for the chicken fried steak.


              1. re: James Cristinian

                I spent enough time at UH to log plenty of visits to the Dot. What a great place. I'm not a CFS fan, but I love chicken fried chicken. Amazingly, Luby's does a decent job with that dish. Had it yesterday with my favorite sides of green beans and spinach.

      2. I've been to the one in the Fountains, but not in light years. The last time I went to 59 Diner on I-10 it was horrible in every way.

        1. We hit the Avalon at the Fountains regularly for lunch. The staff is excellent; Kathy is our favorite waitress. I usually order the blue plate. The meatloaf is good, but I find the red sauce much too sweet for my taste. It is not baked on, however, so I get it with the brown gravy instead. Pork roast and dressing is also good, when they have it, as are the turnip greens. My dad likes the drugstore chili, and the kids love the pancakes.

          1. We've been back here several times since the original post, and I have to admit that I just haven't felt the same excitement since the first couple of visits.

            I think it's because we have gone in very late, (say 2 - 3 pm), and the Blue Plate Specials have been sitting around a while. This week I had the fried chicken, (Tuesday). Ever since that glorious fried chicken I had at Mancuso's several weeks ago, I've been craving it.

            The chicken at Avalon was very good...for leftover chicken. I suspect and absolutely intend to verify that if ordered at a decent hour, (say 11:45 or noon), it would be spectacular.

            Yesterday, again very late, even my burger was mediocre at best. The second time I went, (a Sunday morning), the burger had been great.

            The place closes at 5 on weekdays and 4 on the weekends. I strongly suggest timing your visit for loooong before that.