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Food to send to a family with a new baby?

My friend across the country is having a baby. When I gave birth she sent me Omaha Steaks meals, which I greatly appreciated because a high protein meal was hard to come by with a brand new baby. Now she is giving birth and I want to return the favor. I would like to do something different from Omaha Steaks, but nothing comes to mind. All I could think of was Harry & David, but they just have fruit and nuts. I would like to send whole meals, preferably something fairly nutritious. I don't have time to cook myself. Any ideas for national companies that I can order food from? Cannot involve much preparation, and can't be obscenely expensive. In short, something along the lines of Omaha Steaks that is not Omaha Steaks,

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  1. Why not send Omaha steaks if you and she like beef?

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      I would like to send an original present if possible, not the same thing she sent me. Another thought I had was Edible Arrangements...it's not a meal, but at least it's healthy. Maybe I'll go with that if no meal-like suggestions emerge,

    2. i wouldnt send omaha....

      i use www.stockyards.com
      much much better steaks...
      and other foods as well...

      the last one of edible arrangements i had didnt last long...meaning it started going bad fairly quickly...

      something that would be easy to prepare or is pretty much eat and heat..would be best with a newborn...
      i remember us having some pretty frazzled days..

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        I'd vote for heat and eat, but sometimes when you are frazzled it is eat and heat.

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          heat and eat.....yea...
          edit expired before i noticed that....


      2. Many years ago, after our son was born, we received a gift of a Harry & David's cheesecake. We loved it. We were hosting a lot of guests, who wanted to spend some time with us to see the new baby, but we did not have time for a lot of grocery shopping. It's not nutritious or a whole meal, but I can tell you that years later I still remember the gift and who sent it. If cheesecake is too decadent, then some of the healthier options from H&D or Edible Arrangements would serve the same purpose,

        1. What about a nice place near them that delivers? We did that for friends in another town. The restaurant didn't deliver, but they arranged if for us with a taxi company.

          1. How about some stuff from Zingerman's like the Reuben sandwich kit?

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            1. I live in Memphis and sent a friend in another state barbeque from one of the local places. Was greatly appreciated.


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                I was thinking barbecue too. City Barbecue in Ohio (I know it doesn't sound authentic, but they're really good!) does mail order. http://www.citybbq.com/order-now/barb...

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                  Not to knock it, but as a former Ohioan and current Memphian, I will say that one thing that is NOT overhyped about Memphis is the 'cue. Both Central (my favorite in town) and Corky's (not my favorite, but far better than most non-Memphis establishments) do mail order. (Love me my Ohio, too!)

              2. My in-laws live far from me and I wanted to send them a Thanksgiving dinner. I contacted a few personal chefs through the web who lived near them. Called them and had the chef prepare a bunch of their favorites. They loved it. Go ahead and look for personal chefs or caterers near where they live. Once you find a few call and see what they will do for you. It worked out really well for me!!

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                  1. I dearly love Cracker Barrel, but the closest one is a 3 hour one-way drive (and yes, we make the trek several times a year). Good friend who became a Mommy also loves C.B., so I called and ordered a whole country ham, various fixins' and some fun items to be sent to her. She was thrilled and even shared some of the ham with me (which was my secret wish, anyway!). If your choice isn't C.B., what about another resto in the area?

                    1. I have done this twice, and the families were both happy. I wanted to send convenient, limited cooking required food. I will be the first to admit, they are probably not "hound worthy" and I didn't eat any of the food myself. I was told the meals were "not bad" and very easy to heat up. Caveat, it was years ago, so if quality or service has changed, I wouldn't know. I used FamilyChef.com. If you google meal delivery, there are several companies that do this. I chose this company because it gave me the greatest flexibility and largest choice of meals to send. I used the "complete meals" option. Other companies I considered that are still available: DineWise, MagicKitchen, ArtikoChef and Gourmet Station.

                      1. Veryvera.com sends full meals anywhere in the country. Also what I've done is post on the local CH board for good restaurants in their area that deliver, or services that deliver meals.

                        1. My favorite meals to receive after my kids were born were things I could eat with one hand, so that if I was holding the baby, they were easier to eat. Soups were ideal because they're basically one-dish meals. I'll bet you could find places near her that would deliver soup.

                          1. Although Chicago-centric, this site has some reasonable values and some great items.


                            1. YOU CAN ORDER some great things off qvc and have it shipped to them....my mom send us the cheesecake and other things