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Where should I go to get my daughter's 1st birthday cake??

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Where should I go to get my daughter's 1st birthday cake? I would really like a Mad Hatter style birthday cake that tastes good and is not going to cost me $200....Any ideas?

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  1. Here's a discussion from last October. If I recall, whichever suggestion that mom took turned out to be very successful.


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    2. I've also heard you can get a free first birthday cake (sheet cake, I think) from Byerly's if you show them your child's birth certificate. I know that's not what you had in mind, but if you wanted to take it to daycare or church or something... I know a lot of people do "smash" cakes for their baby's first birthday. It would be awfully wasteful to use a whole sheet cake for that, but if you wanted a smash cake, maybe they'd give you a free small one.

      Happy birthday to your little girl!


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        My son turned one earlier this year and we used the Byerly's freebie (yes, you need to show proof of age) as a smashcake (my son wasn't much into tearing it apart however) and we ordered a cake from Farmington Bakery: http://www.farmingtonbakery.net/

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          Your son is obviously a budding chowhound and he thought smashing a cake might be a waste of good cake?


      2. we did a "smashcake" for our daughter at her 1st...our local grocery chain (publix) does a full size cake for everybody else...then the little "smashcake" for the baby
        u could check your local grocery stores as well....

        she was chocolate cake from head to toe...
        so if u are going to do that..get a "drop cloth" for under the high chair..some party supply stores have them with the birthday supplies
        she got really messy near the end...

        the baby probably isnt going to care one way or the other as for the theme or anything else for that matter.....

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          and after...actually thats just the last photo we took...she was waaay worse by the time we were done..
          she went right into the bathtub...

          but she seemed to enjoy it..

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            LOL...good to know!! Thanks again everybody!

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              Note to self: buy big box of Tide when picking up chocolate smash cake from Byerly's.

              (very, very cute.)


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                no not tide ...Dreft..
                we had to use that until recently...

                and thank you

          2. Target Bakeries give a free smashcake with a 1st birthday cake purchase. Didn't know about this and they gave us a cute little white cake "for the birthday girl" Kinda neat.

            1. Kowalski's also gives a free smash cake.