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Aug 2, 2011 07:58 AM

Good Cheap Places to Eat in London

Good Cheap Places to Eat in London

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  1. if you want restaurant chains: Pret, Eat, Costa, etc.

    Brick lane for curry - not too pricy

    pubs in general tend to be cheap and really good.

    borough market - thursdays, fridays, saturdays = great grilled cheese, mushroom pate, green curry, burgers, salads, ciders, etc. pretty much everything you could ever want.

    where abouts will you be exactly?

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      Don't go looking for the grilled cheese at Borough. They are not there as other posters have already written in other threads.

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        Brick Lane may be cheap for curry but it's not all good. And I would say any pub where the food is cheap, the food will often be BAD. Do your research around pubs and it will pay off, but don't risk it.
        But first of all, search the board!

      2. Have you searched the board?

        1. You definitely need to search the board - there are loads of requests for this kind of info. In general, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and other Asian foods will be cheaper, but there is lots of rubbish around. For example, I would avoid Brick Lane, and go a little further to Needo, Tayyab or the Lahore Kebab House. There are countless threads on good value Asian food as well as the best gastro pubs etc.

          1. Any particular part of London or cuisine you want to try?

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              Depends what you want and where you want to go really.

              Search the brixton thread for some great recs by the CHers and some of Jfores' posts. Both useful sources of info for good and cheap. also there is a great Somali place on kentish town rd called Xeebta Lido which takes cheap to a whole new level, its basically someone's house and its about £5 for a huge portion of traditional somali food - couple of dishes a day, it varies.

              tasty jerk in west croydon, whitehorse rd for no nonsense jerk chicken and pork done amazingly.

              avoid brick lane curry for your personal gastronomic safety, its simply terrible. but gram bangla on brick lane has solid traditional bangladeshi food.

              deptford is packed full of cheap vietnamese places, chung viet and le gia are good bets for a filling and tasty meal

              yes, definitely go further out (though needoo and tayyabs are literally down the road in whitechapel). Thattukada in east ham for homestyle keralan....
              some stalls in brick lane arent too bad if you are looking for something fast on a sunday too - but thats worth experiementing over.