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Aug 2, 2011 07:53 AM

Masterchef 8/1 spoilers

Tricky twist at the end of the episode. Cocky Christian serves up his first batch of cheese souffle without even tasting one. They then announced that Jennifer (who needs to stop cursing), Derrick (the piercing guy), and Adrien (hispanic dude) are all safe. That normally would mean Christian is gone, and they show Jennifer being all smug. Then the twist - everyone's safe!

Not that it mattered, but Christian took responsibility for losing the team challenge and the pressure cook-off could've been just him and one other person.

I understand why Jennifer resents Christian but to think that she's a better cook is ludicrous.

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  1. Do they get to see a recipe? I saw them measuring and weighing and I am thinking to myself, there is no way all 4 of them have a cheese souffle recipe memorized....especially if you have never made one!

    The episode was a copout IMO. All of sudden they have gone soft and they love everybody and everybody is an expert souffle cook?? This show is so full of crap, I don't know why I continue to watch. LOL.

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    1. re: shell22

      I've been asking myself that same question all along. But last night I realized it's partly because of Jennifer. At first I thought she was just a weepy bore, but watching her go off on Christian last night raised her up several notches in my book. The rack doesn't hurt either.

      1. re: shell22

        I asked the same question on a previous thread, and someone replied that they do get a little "how to" demonstration, before they start to cook, which is obviously edited out.

        I thought that Christian didnt cook his roux = which should have (apparently) made the souflee taste horrible - anyone know what happened there?

        1. re: NellyNel

          Remember that "didn't cook his roux" comment was from the peanut gallery, and could have easily been rebutted with a "yes, he did" that wasn't aired. But then they wouldn't have the typical red herrings that make up most of the dialogue.

          1. re: FoodMan88

            yup, you're right....

            I have never tried a souffle, so I don't know, but they have always had a bit of a reputation for being difficult....
            but not Masterchef difficult!

        2. re: shell22

          I was wonding about the recipes too.
          Meanwhile I am still scratching my head over the premise that it's so incredibly difficult to make a cheese souffle. I'm no master chef but I've made plenty of cheese souffles over the years _ with a recipe _ and they've always turned out fine.

        3. They missed an episode last week when the president had his speech, right? Has that pushed back the whole thing by one episode?

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          1. re: DGresh

            yes DG, only one episode last week.

          2. I just watched last night's ep, and the *only* time Christian took responsibility was in front of the judges when he put himself and Jennifer up.

            However, he didn't take responsibility for the issues with the caramel. Christian said Jennifer tried to "throw him under the bus" for the caramel. No, she just told the truth - Christian eff'd up the caramel, not Jennifer - and yet he blames her. He *is* a horrible leader - Jennifer calling him out was perfect. :-)

            I thought it was kind of a cop-out that everyone stayed. I was floored that Christian was last up there; I do think he's good - but I also think he's beyond cocksure of himself, and that might just trip him up eventually.

            1. If I could physically flush Christian ( not aptly named) down my toilet, I would. And relish it.

              1. anyone else lose tonight's episode part way through? Neither live nor DVR was working after the mystery box challenge started.

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