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Aug 2, 2011 07:26 AM

Toddler friendly (with highchairs) restaurants on West end?

Hi everyone,

Did a quick search on the board but couldn't find anything that relevant - but our 2 yr old niece is visiting with parents and we are looking for good dinner options with them. We have already taken them to Enoteca Sociale and E-pan in Chinatown - wondering if there are any other decent restaurants with high chairs? We are planning to go early in the evening and she is generally quite good at restaurants - any suggestions? Would prefer options on the West end of city but open to driving further out for the right place. Open to any cuisine at this point except for sushi.


Enoteca Sociale
1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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  1. As a rule, im comfortable taking my toddler to any Indian or Chinese restaurant in town. They always have high chairs. Oh and also, lalibela on bloor is very child friendly, but its ethiopian.

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      Im surprised to see this specific response to this question as Lalibela is the only restaurant Ive taken my child to, lately, that allowed us to stay ONLY because she was sleeping (we had her in her car seat and sat it in a booth with us). Though I've seen children from the parties that happen downstairs mingling with parents on the restaurant level - I was surprised at the eye roll I got from the server when we walked in!

    2. Langdon Hall has high chair available. I have asked for it one time. They also have a patio.

      1. Check out La Veranda Osteria at Bloor & Royal York.

        La Veranda Osteria
        946 Royal York Road, Toronto, ON M8X 2E5, CA

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          I know this is an old thread...but I thought it was funny La Veranda was here. Its funny, I actually like the food but so many people I know avoid this place due to the arrogance of the owner. It comes up on OpenTable a lot.
          My family (extended - kids, grandparents, etc) went for a birthday. 12 people and we showed 10 mins late. The owner gave us total attitude.

          I walked by last week and on the menu board he actually addresses the fact people have complained about his attitude...basically, the menu board says if you don't like him than tough luck.

          He could well be Toronto's most confident independent restauranteur operating in a highly competitive market, in a wealthy neighborhood in a recession...

          1. re: kingsway

            Yeah, reading his online menu that seems to be his shtick. But a group of us go there regularly for lunch and have had zero problems with attitude...if anything the service has been quite good. And if there is a better place in the area that can accommodate 10-15 with a good selection of food and drinks lunchtime at a still reasonable cost (their lunch specials seem to be steadily increasing in price), I would like to know about it.