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Aug 1, 2011 08:19 PM

Grocery Outlet, August 2011


In addition to plenty of the Dagoba lemon ginger bars, they also had some Dagoba xocolatl drinking chocolate -- $3.99/canister

Lots of Greek yogurt, including the Lucerne rworange liked (I only saw honey flavor) and the Cabot she didn't like. I found a couple of tubs of the Dannon plain nonfat in the dairy case ($1.49)

Newman's Own (organic) cookies -- lots of different types, mostly $1.99 or less (I got the O's mint -- $1.69 and the Original hermits, $1.69).

I got some more of the Le Pique Nique Chicken linguica ($3.49), which I thought was very good. Also bought some Saag's Louisiana hots ($3.99)

Horizon (organic) low fat cream cheese (Neuchatel) $1.29 8 oz, tub

Lindt Excellence bars -- $1.99 (50 percent, 70 percent and 85 percent, plus some Intense Orange -- the latter two I only saw near the registers, not with the others in the candy aisle).

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  1. Haven't been in GO yet this month, but wanted to mention that I saw the Lindt Excellence 85% bars at the Redwood City store last week.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Well, it's only the frist day of the month.

      San Pablo

      The big deal here, IMO, is 7-Up retro, 12 cans for 2.99. Even if this wasn't the original recipe with sugar that's really a deal.

      33 cents - Lucerne Greek yogurt (strawberry, plain or vanilla)

      50 cents - Ry Krisp Natural or Ry Krisp Light 8 oz box

      50 cents - Coconut M&M and other varities such as pretzel

      1.99 - carafe of Paul Mason Chabls

      3.99 - Dagoba Xocolatl drinking chocolate

      19.99 - Colapsible 80 can rolling cooler

      Lucerne isn't really Greek yogurt, but I'm crazy about the smooth textrue that almost is like soft whilpped cream There are some fillers, but they use sugar and not HFCS. There is lotss of other types of yogurt too ... Yoplait Greek (ick), Danon, LIberte and much more.

      For a che3ap wine, the Paul Mason white wines have been decent table wines. The price dropped $1.

      First time I've seen the Xocolatl Dagoba. It has chile in it.

      I'm kind of happy with this large cooler that squishes down to 4 inches. It rolls easily, has cup holders, a few side pockets, and either can be lifted by handles or has a strap to pull it.

      1. re: rworange

        Lindt Excellence bars are 2 for $3 at Walgreens this week.

        1. re: Joel

          Yes, I saw that too, today. Walgreens often has good sales on chocolate, and some of them have surprisingly good selections.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            They had Hachez chocolate at the Berkeley GO last week; the cigar-shaped bars are pretty pricey, but the flat 100 g bars for $2 are a good deal; I tried the "Wild Cocoa Amazonas 70%" and it was excellent - better than Lindt, on par with Scharffenberger.

            1. re: Luber

              I'll have to check those out. Hachez does a really nice 55% cocoa solids milk chocolate.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                The Oakland GO had a few Hachez bars which appeared to have coffee nibs embedded. Tons of Oreos. Lots of low sodium beef broth (I bought the last of the chicken).

                Tacqueria Barajitos sets up out in front during the week. Their carnitas taco was very good with good roasty flavor. The fish tacos shone: browned at the edges, moist, sweet and lots of it. The 1st one I had was chunks of white fish. When I asked for uno mas de pescado, I got one with a small, thin half fillet that dwarfed the tiny tortillas. I had planned to jump over to Oasis Market, but I was not disappointed in my change of plans.

                Did not care for their saucy, mildly hot salsa. They do have carne molida, which didn't do anything for me. Somehow, I wish for carne molida with prepackaged shells and bottled salsa.

                Tacos were 1.25, fish and shrimp 1.75. The $6 burritos looked huge. Also tortas and sopes. Meats included the usual suspects plus head, tripe and sesos?. Those fish tacos were great.

                Oasis Market
                3045 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

              2. re: Luber

                There were only a few of the bars last week. As of yesterday, they still have quite a few of the cigars in three varieties: dark, milk and one other.

                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  The Oakland store is still blowing out the Landy cognac at $13, quite a steal. At that price, it's affordable to make infusions. I have a nocnio aging and just filtered a Grand Marnier clone that came out great (just Google for recipes). The El Cortez rums are quite nice too.

                  Today they had Scharffenberger milk chocolate with salted almonds, $1.50/3 oz.

                  1. re: Luber

                    Oakland still has plenty of tequila as well.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      Hayward (Vermont St location) has $3.99 - Dagoba Xocolatl drinking chocolate as well as Hachez chocolates.

                      + Strubs 33oz jar of whole kosher dills for $1.49.

      2. Holy cow, if you have any friends in socal, tell them to buy up the Scharffenberger milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds....3 for a dollar! WTH?

        Also, Dark Chocolate Dream, Rice Crunch flavor (this is a vegan chocolate line which I like but not love because it's kinda light on the chocolate flavor)....4 for a dollar!

        Nobody seems to care in Socal, which is why you need to get your socal friends to buy them up and ship them to you.

        --I saw this deal at the Buena Park store only, FWIW

        1. Oakland, 8/18:

          "Green" charcoal -- $1.99/bag. Small bags are just right for one good coal bed on a kettle grill. I don't know if the "green" claims are true, but it's decent charcoal.

          $2.49 -- Pacific Naturals frozen pizza (14 oz), Pepperoni and "Supreme" (pepperoni, sausage and roasted veggies). I baked up the Supreme for lunch today and it was pretty decent -- crust had a nice crunch (there's a small amount of cornmeal) but wasn't cardboardy.

          $1.49 -- plastic jars of various kinds of couscous and orzo pasta (on shelves over center freezer cases).

          $6.99 -- Parrano cheese (a couple bucks more a pound at TJ's). Good all-purpose cheese, I think it's basically a slightly aged Gouda.

          $1.99 -- Culina spices in grinders (different salts, pepper, herb salt)

          $5.99 -- 44 oz. jar of peanut butter filled pretzels.

          $5.99 -- two-pack of small organic bamboo cutting boards. Light and strong -- very useful!

          99 cents -- Dove ice cream bars (milk chocolate/vanilla and chocolate/caramel/cashew)

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Oakland also has this 2005 Graeser Winery "Jack's Cab" for $3.99. Opened it yesterday and it's a good drink, really dark and full-bodied.


              1. re: baron45

                I didn't find Jack's Cab but picked up Nero d'davola merlot
                Blend $2.99 and a NZ Pinot ($4.99) can't wait to try. And it seems that they have some really nice stuff in Oak. I wish moreWould Post posthaste about their finds but I understand the problem, by the time you drink it's gone!

            1. We got an old fashioned elongated oval watermelon with seeds at the San Jose GO. We've been having seed spitting contests off the back porch. A food and an activity all in one!

              There are lots of bitty individual containers of Ben and Jerry's and Dreyers ice creams if you are having a back to school party--- 2 for a dollar.

              1. San Leandro, 8/28:

                $2.49 Harrington and Crosfield Organic teas (20 tea bags). I bought White tea with blackberry and White tea with lemon and orange

                $3.99 Evergood sausages -- several flavors. I noticed that the Evergood sausages are 16 oz. while the Saag's are 12 oz. for the same price.

                $1.99 Dove ice cream