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ISO : Fresh Duck Eggs

Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I could get fresh duck eggs in the GTA? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. will that be white or blue? Perhaps asian grocers - they carry the salted version.
    I grew up with blue (the shell of course).

    1. Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills south of Eglinton carries them.

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        Hi hal2010. Just wanted to make sure ... the ones at Sunny are not salted are they?

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          I don't think they're salted. They're packed in flats like the chicken eggs and no signs of brine or charcoal on them.

      2. The healthy butcher on Eglinton at Avenue carries them (or used to).

        1. There's a guy at the Brickworks market that sells duck eggs (he also sells honey and rabbit meat) but he usually sells out early.

          Culinarium on Mount Pleasant sometimes has duck eggs. If they can find a source who is willing to pay to get duck eggs graded.

          705 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2N4, CA

          1. I know that my butcher has them from time to time. Sanagan's Meat Locker on Baldwin in Kensington.

            1. King Cole Ducks has everything from duck eggs to duck fat, duck confit,duck spring rolls, smoked duck,and on and on, fresh and frozen.The store is at the farm at 15351 Warden Ave just north of Aurora Rd. Interesting place! Oh yeah, 9-4 seven days a week.

              1. I saw turkey eggs, $1 each, at Skyland in east Scarborough. (Lawrence and Scarboro Golf Rd).
                Not sure what i'd do with one or two, other than scrambled.

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                  Have bought excellent and fresh duck eggs from Scheffler's (sp.?) at Sr Lawrence Mkt last few weeks - from Lac Broome ducks - very big, colourful and flavorful yolks - packs of six for $4.99, I think

                2. Sometimes when I travel either east past Whitby or West into the Milton area I see signs on farm roads that say fresh chicken and duck eggs. I know this probably doesn't help at all but I think the prices there are pretty good. Maybe call some local farms? Or visit your local farmers market and talk to the farmers.

                  1. Yummy Market (Russian store near Dufferine and Finch) has fresh duck eggs. I think they are 4.99 a dozen

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                      At the Longo's ACC location we saw duck eggs amongst the regular eggs. It was a small quantity. Definitely surprised us!

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                        Saw Duck Eggs and fresh duck (breasts and whole) at Longo's in Oakville too. They had (and probably still have) a separate " duck" section there.

                    2. I'm fairly certain that I've seen duck eggs at St. Andrew's Poultry in Kensington.

                      1. Fiesta Farms has them.