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Aug 1, 2011 06:46 PM

Sunflower Farmers Market, Roseville?

Modesto is getting a Sunflower FM in Fall 2011 & Fremont, CA is getting a Sunflower FM in 2012. I found on Sunflower FM store locator that Roseville has one already. Who's been & what do you like to buy there?

Store locations:

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  1. My brother was living in Colorado for the summer last year. He is a chowhound home cook and is a serious shopper. Within a week, Sunflower Farmers Market became his favorite market in the Denver metro area. He drove about 20 minutes to get there.

    Sunflower was founded by the founder of Wild Oats markets, which got bought out by Whole Foods. He then opened Sunflower FM. I have no idea how close SF is to WO in concept, but it is a leap away from WF as far as lack of glitz and pretention. It's like a neighborhood grocery, well lit (YAY) and organized , with low fixtures. The centers of the stores are open and easy to navigate. Lots of bulk bin items, fresh meats poultry and seafood, good produce selection, bakery, etc. All the normal food categories at very competitive pricing. They try to focus on local suppliers as much as possible, so I'd expect the valley stores to be brimming with fresh seasonal produce and dairy. Lots of organics in many categories.

    On my visits to the Colo Springs and Arvada stores, they were clean, well lit, well stocked and bustling. Employees were helpful and friendly. No bored or jaded indifference in sight.

    Brother was initially lured by pricing, which is very competitive, and remained because of selection. I would be attracted by both.

    I hope you find your new central valley stores to bring good competition to the local grocery market. I would think they will be going head to head with Nugget Market.

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      thank you Toodie Jane. The Fremont store will be open 2012, then a yr later we'll finally get a Whole Foods after the city has been trying to get them for over 10yrs! They will be a few miles apart.