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Aug 1, 2011 06:45 PM

Izakaya Sakura "Chicken Sauteed with Garlic"

There's a dish at Sakura that they serve for lunch called "Chicken Sauteed with Garlic" on their english menu that I really like. I'm trying to replicate it myself at home and haven't had any luck finding a recipe for it. Does anyone know if this is a traditional Japanese dish and if so, what I might be able to search for to find a recipe?

I think I could probably try to replicate it from scratch based on taste but it would be nice to have a starting point to go off of. Based on taste I'm guessing it contains soy sauce, grated garlic/ginger, and vinegar. Perhaps some sake and sesame oil.

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  1. I think this is the dish you were talking about (scroll down towards the bottom)

    I was thinking this might be close

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      Looks like this got moved from the San Diego board to Home Cooking. If anyone is curious the restaurant I am referring to is in San Diego.

      Rodzilla: Thanks for the help :). Indeed that is the dish I am talking about, direct link here:

      The recipe you linked sounds like a recipe for Okayo Don. While similar, I don't think this dish contains any dashi or egg.

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        Hi mliew, how's it going? Chicken Garlic Sautee (チキン ガーリック ソテー / Chikin Gaalikku Sotei...) is a popular dish often seen in many casual sit downs in Japan. There were too many recipes online to translate but the gist I got was...

        - Poke chicken thighs with fork (boneless but with skin)
        - Place in ziplock with marinade for 20~30mins
        Marinade: S&P lightly, grated garlic (~2clvs) or equiv. garlic powder (pinch?), Sake rice wine (1Tbsp), SoySc (2Tbsp), Veg Oil (1Tbsp).
        - Take chicken out of marinade and pad dry. Some recipes ask to dust the chicken with flour lightly before frying, some don't.
        - Place in oiled med-hot frying pan - skin side down first (important). Cover with lid. Lower heat.
        - Flip when appropriate (skin is rendered crispy and chicken is cooked 2/3 way through).
        - When near done I'd personally flambe with a drizzle of sake and add a couple drops of soy sauce. Some recipes call for a tiny bit of butter on top.

        You can probably skip the last part but hope this gets you close enough so to tinker to your tastes. Also a few called for mustard but I didn't think Sakura's version uses. I'll let you know if I find something better.



        1. re: DennisK_RC

          Thanks Dennis! Really appreciate the recipe and the links. Will give it a try and see how it turns out. I have experimented a little myself already but instead of marinating I was frying the chicken first the adding a little bit of soy sauce, sake, brown sugar, and grated garlic to finish it. The flavor was good but still not quite on the level of Sakura.

          1. re: mliew

            No prob mliew. There were actually versions of the recipe that didn't ask for marinating, but I felt almost sure Sakura's were. Also the last part that I added was partially my attempt at creating more pan liquids which I remember S's version having a lot of if I remember right. Again probably can skip that. I really should experiment myself before recommending. But the idea of deglazing the pan in the end to make a simple sauce did sound good so. Anyway, good luck!

            1. re: DennisK_RC

              Dennis, I tried your recipe last night and it was very successful. I used 6 chicken thighs, deboned with skin on. For the marinade I added about 4 cloves of garlic (could use even more I think) and the same amounts of liquids as mentioned above. I marinated the chicken for about 30 mins or so but I think 1-2 hours would be even better (perhaps Sakura marinates theirs overnight?).

              After frying I drained the excess chicken fat but left about 1 tbsp in the pan. I then deglazed with a little sake. After that I took the pan off the heat so that the soy sauce wouldn't boil and finished with about 2 tsp of soy sauce. The result was delicious and very close to what Sakura produces.

              Thanks again for the recipe! This should satisfy my Sakura cravings until they reopen (hopefully soon).

              1. re: mliew

                Hi Mliew, great to hear! A garlic clove per chicken thigh maybe does sound about right. And yes I'd bet Sakura as a restaurant ends up being marinated overnight if not longer depending on the day's orders going out. I notice they're back open now. I also enjoy their miso marinated salmon a lot, though my last order the salmon piece was a lot smaller. Sign of the times maybe. Take care.