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Aug 1, 2011 05:43 PM

Naples FL

Visiting some relatives in Naples. We are Miami experts but have never been to Naples. What's the kosher food scene there? And shul scene? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't think there's anything of note. There's a Chabad on Marco Island. My friends from Naples usually come to Miami for shopping. There's a Publix in Cape Coral that has recently started stocking more kosher stuff, apparently.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      most publixes have a kosher section...some more than others..depending on the area...
      cape coral is a long drive from naples tho...
      marco island is about a 45 minute drive south

      and there is a stage 62 deli in the mercato..

      and the only temple i can think of off the top of my head is on pine ridge rd..Temple Shalom...

      and if u ask in the florida section also u might get some more answers as well

      1. re: srsone

        Stage 62 deli isn't kosher (they have clams, shrimp, and bacon on their menu). Most delis aren't kosher, and the vast majority of kosher restaurants aren't delis.

        1. re: GilaB

          ahhh...somebody told me they were or i saw it somewhere...
          dont remember which...

    2. There is Chabad of Naples. They are located just north of the Naples Hilton/south of Waterside Shops.

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