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Aug 1, 2011 05:25 PM

Huacatay in Boston?

Was planning on making some Pollo a la Brasa soon and was wondering if any hounds had a city source for huacatay paste? I can travel anywhere on the T too so it doesn't have to be in Boston proper. Thanks!

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  1. Mayfair Foods in Allston. They actually carry a fair number of Peruvian ingredients and I know for sure that huacatay is one of them because I have purchased it there a few times.

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      1. Also that market near the Model in Allston - can't remember the name. It's I'd guess Salvadoran but has a bit of everything, including a good section of Peruvian stuff, almost at the level of the HiLo.


        N. Beacon Market, 15 N. Beacon, Allston 02134

        1. frio rico on bennington street in east boston

          1. Can you TELL ME HOW YOU PLAN TO MAKE IT? Do you have a spit?

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              Sure! I've done it on a spit before but I don't find that it's better than doing it on a hardwood grill.
              1ea small (~3lb.) chicken
              1T dried rosemary
              1t huacatay paste
              1t ground black pepper
              1t cumin
              .5t ground Annato
              1T soy sauce
              1t microplaned ginger
              1t minced aji
              2T microplaned garlic
              .25c high life
              2T white wine vin
              salt to taste

              1. Marinate chicken in this overnight.
              2. Cook it on a grill over low heat until delicious.

              1. re: FastTalkingHighTrousers

                Thank you! Good point about the grill. Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken had a roadside stand on Memorial Drive on July 4 last month and they were just grilling their chicken. Smelled fantastic and I would have had some but I ran out of cash after having some of their ceviche.

                Machu Picchu
                307 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

            2. It's super easy to make yourself, and the ingredients aren't too hard to find. Sometimes even supermarkets sub mexican marigold for tarragon (leaves broader and more jagged), and they always have mint, limes, olive oil and salt. If you see Dave Gilson at a farmers market, he usually has it as well.