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Aug 1, 2011 04:32 PM

Hudson Resort/ Raleigh/ Kutchers

We would like to go away for our anniversary weekend. What are the accomodations and food like in these places (I have read the report on Raleigh)- I am primarily interested in knowing whether anyone knows if vegetarian food requests are accommodated? How is the food in the Hudson Resort and Kutchers? who caters at these places?
What are the prices like?

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  1. Mickey Montal "N More" catering caters at Kutschers. We were there for a chag about 3 years ago and the food was very good. Friends were there at the beginning of this summer and they said the same thing. At both the Raleigh and Kutschers, the rooms are tiered in quality. You pay more for a nicer room and at these old Catskills hotels, that is a must. The lower-tiered rooms can be very dumpy. I definately recommend that no matter which one you go to that you ask around until you find out what the exact room numbers and floors or names of blocks of rooms that are nicer are. It makes all the difference.