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Aug 1, 2011 04:00 PM

Blacktree Menu Question

Rather than ordering a la carte, any fellow chowhounder requested and tried a ' Blacktree Tasting Menu'??!! If so, how many courses and how much?!
Thx in advance!

3029 New St, Burlington, ON L7N, CA

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  1. I was there 2 weeks ago. I called and requested tasting menu. The chef said he did not do tasting menu. But with the amuse, sorbet and truffle, he mentioned it's multi courses and similar to a tasting menu.

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      1. This is a small place (and kitchen) and I'm sure that portion sizes are prepped ahead of time - hence difficult to 'downsize' portions or to prepare extra dishes.
        I am aware that he has done a tasting menu for a restaurant buy-out when the entire restaurant was 'purchased' - but not sure that's what you want!

        Realistically I don't think it would happen - even for a special customer! I had a party of 6 (3 couples) who ordered a la carte and each couple swapped plates to essentially have multiple half-portions; and that's probably the easiest way if participants are 'friendly'.

        And I think it's worth it - even without a tasting menu (and I'm friendly)!

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          Hello Chow-friend,
          The times you ate there, did you BYOB? What's their corkage? How's their wine selection? Any good white by the glass?

          1. re: Charles Yu

            They're not licensed for BYOB.
            Mostly I've been with friends, so we typically go by-the-bottle. Selection is probably the best in the area - but if in Toronto would be 'good' rather than exceptional.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              I have a real affinity for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (SB). I love the grassy, herbal overtones of the region. To give you a frame of reference, Cloudy Bay, Oyster Bay, Kim Crawford are a few of my everyday favourites. At Blacktree, I discovered another SB from a small winery that was new to me...Appleby Lane, from the Marlborough region. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a couple of cases when i attend the Small Winemakers Club dinner. Blacktree serves this one by the glass.

          2. Hi Charles,

            Estufarian is correct. The only time that I had a tasting menu at Blacktree was when the restaurant was bought out for a special function - the Small Winemaker's Club several months ago. (Tried bear for the first time!) The restaurant is simply too small to be able to plan and do prep for a tasting menu. I am a regular customer and other than a special function have not had the pleasure. Never the less, do yourself a favour and go. You will not be disappointed. This restaurant is one of my all-time favourites and without hesitation I would identify it as one of the best in Ontario.

            3029 New St, Burlington, ON L7N, CA

            1. Yes no tasting menu but go anyway - with an open mind and playful spirit. Not every dish will be a homerun but one should be able to applaud the effort and inventiveness.