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Aug 1, 2011 02:43 PM

Trader Joe's Golden Roasted Flax Seed

I am a little confused about the trader joe's flax seed. I have read that you should grind or roast flax seed to get the benefits of it, but TJs sells the Roasted flax seed so for this specific type do I still need to grind it, as well? If so, would you recommend grinding the whole bag at once, or just doing a little bit at a time?


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  1. TJ roasted flax seeds are pretty good in my experience. But it's generally best to grind a little bit at the time; otherwise you lose the nutrients and the dietary benefits.

    1. Whole flax seeds will simply pass through you undigested, so yes, you should grind them. Once ground, they lose their nutritional potency and also turn fairly quickly, so it's best to grind only what you will use within a few days, and keep the ground seeds in the fridge. If you wish to grind more at once, definitely freeze the meal to prevent its becoming rancid.

      1. I use them the way they are. I put them in oatmeal, cereal, salad's. You can buy them already ground, but I had heard that you still get the nutrients, just not quite as much(with the flax seeds whole.)