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Aug 1, 2011 02:34 PM


Anyone know where to get ramen in North Dallas? Something yummy hopefully?

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  1. Yes it's available, but no it's not going to be anything better than an average/good bowl.

    Tei An has a passable miso ramen and it's probably the best option we have in the immediate area.

    A ramen counter popped up a few weeks ago at the Super H-Mart food court. The tonkotsu bowl I've tried has been acceptable (nice and chewy chashu despite a one dimensional broth and too soft noodles), but I haven't run through the whole menu yet.

    If it really has to be North Dallas, Sushi Robata does have some ramen dishes, but not something I'd recommend nor have high expectations given that it's not their specialty. Mr. Wok in East Plano is ok too. Ino also has ramen but I haven't been there in years. Hope that gets you started.

    Sushi Robata
    4727 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75287

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      Mr. Wok doesn't have ramen on their menu...and it's a Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant.
      Chef Tiffany Derry at Private/Social in Uptown is doing Ramen for lunch everyday....48hour simmered Tonkotsu broth.

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        I know Mr. Wok is a Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant, but it is true that their menu did have ramen, at least it'd been that way since I'd first heard about them in 2004. I can see why they'd take it off considering people pretty much never order it.

        Thanks for that tip on private social - how much is a bowl?

    2. Try Ajisen in the Chinese strip center on Greenville in Richardson; also Pearl in Grapevine. Both have several varieties of Ramen, including tonkotsu and miso.

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        I've had the Private Social ramen before. It's a nice try but too salty and does not have the typical ramen toppings such as Nori, corn, bamboo. From what I remember, it had an egg. Ramen at Tei An is much better and nicely balanced.