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Aug 1, 2011 02:19 PM

What do you bring to the Hollywood Bowl?

This likely has already been asked here, but what the heck -- Chowhound rules don't discourage multiple threads on same subject and some new posters might not have answered in the older thread.

We go about 4-5 times a year. Last night, for the Reggae Festival, we packed our own picnic because it was easy to do some cooking and make turkey cutlet sandwiches with chimichurri sauce. Added some crunchy green beans from TJ's and some beers and that was that.

But on weeknights (we go on Wednesday to the Jazz series) we sometimes bring our food, though for Wynton Marsalis be ate at home before we left.

My seats are great (Section H, Row 1) but they aren't box seats with a table, so we don't like to eat food that requires a knife and fork -- too hard with the plate in our laps. We drive and park our own car and come from Culver City, so we head east on Culver/Venice then north on La Brea/Highland give or take a detour.

I think for our next show we're going to bring burritos from Pinche's on Culver. We looked at the menu during Eat LA and then saw some decent reviews here on CH. Burritos stay warm wrapped in foil and would be easy to eat at our seats. We've done sub sandwiches (Victor Jrs, among other places ), take out sushi (not my favorite as it gets sort of room temperature), pita sandwiches from Gaby's -- stuff like that.

But feel free not to limit your suggestions to my neck of the woods. Others might be interested in other neighborhoods.

In all seriousness, going to a show at the Hollywood Bowl is one of the great Los Angeles experiences. Tourists should consider this a must do, along with Disneyland and the beach. Tickets are reasonable, the venue is great and it's one of the few concert venues that allow you to bring your own meal inside.

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. When we lived on the east side of town, I made our own picnic and we brought that along to eat before the show - fried chicken, salads, snacks and champagne.

    Now that I know better than to lug around that heavy picnic basket, I would get Mozza2Go for the next time.

    1. We do sandwiches from Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica. Always a treat and their Godmother travels very well.

      Bay Cities Italian Deli
      1517 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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      1. re: wienermobile

        No doubt -- that's exactly what we'd do when we still lived over there. Great rec for the Santa Monicans.

      2. Just curious, Paul. Did you feel extra hungry because it was a reggae show? ; )

        Some of my most memorable times at The Bowl were fueled by a basket from the late, lamented Picholine on 1st and Virgil in Historic Filipinotown. Gosh, I miss that place.

        Subsequently, food for Bowl nights are now a mishmosh but usually include: Chicken Empanadas from Red Ribbon; tabouleh and pitas from Magic Lamp; awesome house flatbread from Fresh N' Easy; DC Chicken salad from Corner Bakery and, since it's steps from my office, sandwich and salad boxes from City Kitchen.

        1. Mozza2Go is my go-to 2.

          I have done Cube and it was really good as well.

          The worst I ever had at the Bowl was some kind of "Bowl-Bento-Box" from Street that was a greasy mess.

          I love Pinches but I think it would be soggy and all over my shirt and lap if I picked it up and dragged it to the bowl and tried to eat it sitting up in a chair, sans table.

          1. I have a box and always like to dine before.. 2 bottles of red wine and a sparkler to start. As to the food. I like going to Joans on Third. We pick up a few things and are good to go. Some time we picnic with a group outside on the tables overlooking the enterance ( hint hint ) love the mix of foods that every one brings. Whats it with cold home made fried chicken and the bowl? and dont dont forget dessert!!