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Aug 1, 2011 01:45 PM

Grilled pizza accompaniments

My husband has invited his parents and immediate family over to our house for a bbq to celebrate his mother's birthday this coming weekend, and I've gotta come up with a meal now! She is not a vegetarian, but really isn't into meat, and I can't bear to char the ever loving heck out of chicken to make her happy, so we are better off going with minimal meats for this endeavor. Since she is Italian and LOVES Italian food, I figured I'd grill some pizzas, throw together a green salad, make her a cake, plus Martha's creme fraiche peach pie(swoon), and come up with SOMETHING else to grill for the main part of dinner. Suggestions?

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  1. Is grilling mandatory? If not, how about spaghetti with pesto, there's lots of basil around this time of year.

    1. Any vegetable in season will grill beautifully. Don't over-think it.

      1. Grill some shrimp. I know she isn't really into meat, but Italians eat a lot of shrimp and if you are grilling anyways...Shrimp Kabobs would be good. Oh and maybe a Caprese salad instead of a green salad

        1. baked/broiled artichokes are always yummy

          simple roasted summer veggie pasta tossed with garlic/oil/parm shavings

          Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

          Burrata cheese with fresh tomatoes on toasted ciabatta (and pesto)

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            Why not grill the artichokes? It gives them great flavor...

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              agreed, I love grilled artichokes. I was just thinking the grill may be filled with pizza, so was thinking of "non-grill" foods ideas to free up grill space.

          2. Throw some clams on the grill and serve with melted butter.