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Aug 1, 2011 12:34 PM

Where to buy local corn within 10 miles of Plymouth?

My parents are in that area an desperate for local corn. All the web research I'm doing is not turning up any leads on farm stands that sell local corn. Any suggestions?

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    1. If you are going down the main street outside and south of the center-where there's a CVS, Star of Siam (good hai food on the right) Stop and Shop/Dunkin donuts also on the right. Take a left by Luke's liquors (good selection of wines BTW), the road leads to White Horse beach on the left and the Lobster Pound further down on the right. That road--before White Horse and before lobster Pound has a farm stand on the right.

      Got excellent potatoes, corn, potatoes and green beans there last week. Sorry I don't know street names--I was just visiting.

      Star of Siam
      State Rd, Manomet, MA 02345

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      1. re: SeaSide Tomato

        That's the farm stand I was going to suggest. The road name you're looking for is Manomet Point Road. We got some broccoli and yellow squash at the stand yesterday but they had lots of corn too (as well as lettuce, blueberries, zucchini, garlic...).

      2. You guys are the best, thanks!

        1. Crittenens' farm stand on the back road to Duxbury. They sell their own.

          Edit: so, it's Cretinon's, and technically in Kingston. 86 Landing Road. Phone is 781-585-5531.

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          1. re: newhound

            Cretinon's Farm Stand at 86 Landing Rd Kingston, MA (on the back rd to Duxbury) is indeed a quaint stand. But they really don't grown their own corn anymore, maybe a little, but not much. I'm pretty sure they sell Lipinskie's corn (Hanson,MA) , which is the-best-corn around. Cretinon's also has a great eye for other locally grown stuff, and some non-local produce and the Stonewall condiment line that is very decent. If you can get to Lipinskie's, or find someone closer to PLY (Cretinon's amoung others) that sells their corn, it's really really good corn (especially at the end of Sept the day after the first frost, bring butter and salt but you won't need it)

            1. re: T.Clark

              Come to think of it, they do always seem to have a lot of corn given the small size of their field....