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Aug 1, 2011 12:27 PM

clotted cream... anywhere in the Twin Cities?

we recently traveled to the UK and I am dreaming of the fresh clotted cream that I would delightfully smear on scones during Cream Tea. it was my favorite treat during our trip. does anyone know of a place in the Twin Cities to buy a good quality, homemade clotted cream... or some place that has imported from Devon? thank you much for any suggestions :)

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  1. I believe Lunds carried/carries clotted cream. The Byerly's website shows that they sell it for $9.29 for 5 oz. At that price, I'd look to buy some good cream (Cedar Summit perhaps?) and make your own. I've not done it but the recipes I've seen (just Googled "clotted cream recipe") seem pretty simple.

    1. I believe Kowalski's carries it also (or they did).

      1. Surdyk's has a couple varieties.