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Aug 1, 2011 12:15 PM

Hell's Kitchen Top Prize

The top prize is exec chef at BLT Steak in NYC. I know that this is bogus from past seasons - if there really is a candidate that could do the job, maybe... but otherwise, the winner will be given the money and a job for a year, but not the real exec position.

But I was wondering why BLT Steak? Since the BLT chain has been taken over by the ESquared conglomerate, I don't think Laurent Tourandel has much to do with it any more. But why is it an available prize for Ramsey's stupid show? Is Ramsey connected to ESquared?

I went to BLT Steak a few years ago - thought it was better than the other chains (Capital Griddle, Smith and Wesson, Ruth's whatever...) but still not the real quality (especially in terms of dry-aging) of Peter Luger. I guess it's possible that the chain is now centralized and corporatized to the point that a junior clown could be the "exec" of an individual outlet. Just like Howard Johnson's.

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  1. You'll need to dig deeper, but it's by far one of the most 'realistic" prize offerings by both Fox and Gordo given their record and the ill handling of winners past. And IIRC, that means ALL of them.

    Hell, (sic) I wouldn't trust the HK mgmt/network suits to come thru on any prize, unless it's cool hard cash.
    And considering their track record, I;d ask for cash AND for proper I.D.