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Aug 1, 2011 12:14 PM

Mole sauce recipes?

I dried about 8-10 homegrown Holy Mole peppers using a dehydrator recently. I want to try making a mole sauce, but I know very little about mole. Any fave recipes to recommend? If it matters, I will be trying to come up with a vegetarian application for the mole (we don't really eat meat).

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  1. There has been one or more threads about vegetarian applications for a mole - however, what vegetable would you want to bury under a heavy dark sauce?

    Garden sites describe this pepper as a hybrid Pasilla, and show a long dark pepper. Are you aware of the ambiguity in the name 'pasilla'? In Mexico pasilla is a dried chile, the fresh form called a chilaca. But grocers influenced by California call the Poblano pepper Pasilla (dried it is ancho). So while a mole can be made with a variety of medium hot chiles, most recipe use the dried ones, not fresh.

    I would suggest looking up uses for fresh Poblanos. For example they are roasted to remove the skin, and cut into strips (rajas). Those strips could be used in a variety of vegetable dishes. Or they can be stuffed (rellenos).

    1. This is a great instructional video for making mole;

      and this recipe looks similar to the one in Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen which I have made and enjoyed

      It would seem to be unusual to make mole with a single type of chile, you will miss some complexity of flavor

      1. paulj, the peppers have already been dried so I need some use for them in that form. The plants are making more, which I will use fresh, but I thought it would be fun to dry some.

        andrewtree, thanks! I like the idea of just using my peppers, but maybe I will buy some other kinds.

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          You don't have to use multiple types of chiles in your mole, especially since the one you are using is not traditional.

        2. I got my mole recipe from Mexico the Beautiful Cookbook. It makes an incredibly complex, intense, delicious mole. I found a (somewhat altered) version of the recipe here: . If you switch out the chicken broth for vegetable broth, it should make quite a nice veggie version.

          I'm not sure what you could put it on that would hold up to the intense flavour though. Zucchini maybe? Portobello mushrooms? It would need something with a meaty consistency that wouldn't get lost in the sauce. I have it on good word from a vegetarian friend that tofu mole does not work. I'm not a fan of fake meat, but some sort of soy-meat really might be the best option in this case.

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            I think portabelloes could be really good. I also make my own seitan, which holds up well to spicy jerk sauce. I need to look into the traditional uses of mole more. I really have never focused on it and have only eaten it a few times because there are so many other veg-friendly Mexican foods, but the peppers smell heavenly and I think this could be fun.

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              Google is revealing lots of great uses for mole in veg dishes. :)

            2. The original comment has been removed