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Aug 1, 2011 11:58 AM

Roast duck/pig take-out

Hi folks, looking for a place that sells the best Chinese roast duck and/or roast pork for take-out. Chinatown locales work, but even better if there's any places in North/Northeast Philly. I think I've seen it in the large Asian market on Adams Ave, but am not sure of the regularity.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. You can basically go to any of the asian markets on Adams Ave, as they make it everyday. I've gotten pretty good roast duck and pig at HK Supermarket on Rising Sun Ave, but I haven't gone there in about a year or so.

    If you want roast duck or pork in Chinatown, I'd go to Sang Kee.

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      Ting Wong on N. 10th Street (across from the firehouse) is hands-down best duck around, IMHO.

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        It's not called HK anymore, it changed names, but it still has the little place right inside the entrance w/very good roast duck (at least, as of a couple months ago).

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          Thanks for the responses - do you happen to know if they offer the duck/pig every day, or is it a weekend sort of thing? I'd probably be swinging by on Weds night.

          Ting Wong has been high on my list of places to check out - might have to stop by there too!

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            I would think they have it everyday. Everytime I've ever been in an asian supermarket with roasts being offered, its always available. I'm guessing they would have more on the weekend.

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              The market on Rising Sun and Adams is very good for both roast pork and duck. They have it everyday. For the duck, purchase a package of pankake wraps, a bunch of scallions and some hoisin sauce for a delicious and easy "take-out" meal. Sang Kee, IMHO, is still the best if you are headed to Chinatown.

      2. Hi folks, went to Farmers' Best (I think that's what it's called now!) yesterday evening for my duck. FYI, they are open until 7 pm on weeknights. Got half of a large duck for $8, chopped up nicely, and also a strip of their BBQ pork. We'll eat the duck tonight, but the pork was tasty if a bit fatty. Unfortunately both were cold/room temperature... trying not to think too much about my Serv Safe rules. :) Thanks for the tips!

        Also checked out a great little Filipino place across the street - but that's for another thread!

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          Usually if it is hanging, they have a heat lamp on it. I guess that wasn't the case this time.

          I'm laughing about the serv safe comment.....i think that if you would mention that to them, they would think its a supermarket or something hahaha. Most asian places I've been to figure a heat lamp and wiping your area down with a towel and hot water is good enough.

        2. sang kee in chinatown sells whole peking ducks for 17 bucks each.