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Aug 1, 2011 11:34 AM

great uses for beautiful homegrown limes?

I have about 6 perfect juicy limes about to be ready on my small tree. Give me a "highest and best use" for these puppies. I want to use as much of the fruit as possible--hate to waste that organic peel.

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  1. Your limes sound amazing!

    What about making lime curd, with the juice and zest? You could fill a cake with it (perhaps thinned with whipped cream), or fill tarts with it, or serve it with scones.

    Or, using the juice for mojitos or the like, and making candied lime peel to garnish desserts and cocktails with?

    1. I've had several bags of homegrown lemons given to me this year and had a similar problem (although "problem" probably isn't the word for it...). You could try:

      Lime curd (I use this lemon curd recipe, which is the easiest, tastiest I've found:

      Lime ice cream or sorbet

      This pork and spinach curry ( It suggests kaffir lime, and I would definitely use kaffir lime leaves, but I have used regular lime juice and it has worked just fine.

      Make a salad with a lime vinaigrette

      Stuff lime slices, garlic, basil and sliced chilis (or dried chili flakes) under the skin of a whole chicken before you roast it in the oven

      Bake a salmon (or any fish you like) with lime slices, butter, salt and pepper.

      Squeeze the juice into a glass of sparkling water (this is my favourite!)