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Aug 1, 2011 11:10 AM

New Orleans from today (Monday) to Thursday- and a few questions and thanks!

first of all, to everyone who posts here, thank you. This website is always my go to for recommendations!
My husband and I are NY foodlovers, in new orleans for the next three days. We are getting in around 8 tonight and staying at maison dupuy (which is close to bourbon street)...
A few questions:
1. Any suggestions for a great, unique dinner tonight, that is not too upscale and close to our hotel?
2. I just read that "coolinary" starts today... Has anyone been to it in years past and is it worth it?
3. we are definitely doing a lunch at august.... Torn between commanders/galatoires and brigstens for another lunch... Thoughts?
Thank you in advance- you all rock.

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  1. Your hotel is at Toulouse and Burgundy (pronounced "Bur-GUN-dy) so anything in the French Quarter is nearby. Assuming you are at the Hotel by 8:00 (as opposed to the airport), you'd do fine with GW Fins..I sent some people there two weeks ago and they loved it.

    I have never done the coolinary menus but most people I know who have done them enjoyed it. Lots of places do something different than the normal menu I am told. My favorite Galatoire's has some things that lets the kitchen wander off its usual traditional path.

    Commander's will be a more traditional "fine dining" experience. Their turtle soup is certainly worth the effort. Lots of people love the oyster dome thing-y and it is good but it is (a) summer and oysters are not at the peak right now and (b) supplies have been horrendous. Just today it was announced that Texas is having terrible trouble due to the drought.

    Brigsten's fits the bill beautifully for people who want to see what kind of twists can be done to local cooking, within reason. Frank runs a good shop.

    Galatoire's is straightforward "bistro" cooking and I do not send people there who are looking for "innovative cooking." It is a tried-and-true standard and one of the great survivors. I love everything about the place but I am rapidly being tagged as a "survivor" myself with each passing day

    Galatoire's Restaurant
    209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      I will second G W Fins. Over the years, they have never let us down. They are a bit more casual, than some other restaurants, but that is not really a negative.

      The restaurants that I love in NOLA are"

      Restaurant August (has the potential to be Restaurant Daniel, but in NOLA)
      Stella! - great Deep South setting and service, though there is only a NOLA "influence" in the food, unlike some others.
      The Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel - again, with but a few tweaks and a hint more innovation, could be the Restaurant Daniel in NOLA.
      Galatoire's - my quintessential Grand Dame for New Orleans cuisine. They do their standards (for many, many, many years), and they do those better than anyone. Lovely, sedate but not stuffy dining in New Orleans, and is not to be missed. Do not expect cryo "pearls" of star fruit, or anything similar. Old standards from New Orleans, done perfectly. While the restaurant is a bit formal (by NOLA standards), the wait staff will seem like family in an instant, and are to be trusted with ANY rec.. Rely on them, and do not be put off, if you are referred to as "Dawling." That is a term of respect and endearment.

      For dinner, Chef Frank Brigtsen takes NOLA cuisine in a slightly, but fun and enjoyable direction. An old house, but a bit more casual, than Galatoire's, and the fare will be "updated" a bit, plus with a few twists. Also, you may be referred to as "Dawling." That is a compliment. Guess that this is what, a "third" for Brigtsen's. From the FQ, you can walk to Canal St. and take the streetcar to the River Bend. If you get off at Camellia Grill, you will only need to walk a couple of blocks. BTW - the streetcar ride, while historic, is also enjoyable, and worth it, even if Brigtsen's was not near the end of the line.

      Most of all, enjoy,


      Restaurant August
      301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

      Camellia Grill
      626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

      Galatoire's Restaurant
      209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

      Brigtsen's Restaurant
      723 Dante St, New Orleans, LA 70118

      Windsor Court Hotel
      300 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

    2. Brigsten's is one of our favorites, however they are not open for lunch.

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      1. re: Philly

        I overlooked that somewhat important detail....thanks

        1. re: Philly

          Thank you both for your responses... Looks like we will do a brigsteins dinner then! We just want to make sure we eat all of the must-eats before we go back to ny!

          1. re: Peasweet9

            My wife and I are staying at Maison Dupuy for a 4 night stay next week. Our evening meal schedule looks like this so far:
            Thurs: Something casual for good music with food after we arrive at 6:00 pm ( Three Muses was recommended)
            Friday: Brigsten's
            Sat: NOLA
            Sunday: Open for suggestions ( something casual and good) Thinking GW Fins, or Red Fish Grill.
            Monday: Central Grocery (Mufaletta's for the flight back to Calif.)

            Red Fish Grill
            115 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

            Three Muses
            536 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

            1. re: 50INNOLA

              FYI, Central Grocery is closed on Sundays and Mondays. If you have a fridge or ice pack in your room, you can buy it Saturday and it will be fine -- the olive salad will just permeate the bread more.

              1. re: rouxdauphine

                Thanks for that information. I'm pretty sure we will not go back hungry :)

              2. re: 50INNOLA

                I thought I posted this but don't see it now, so forgive me if it is duplicative. Central Grocery is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so plan ahead. If you have a fridge in your room or a some sort of cooler, you can buy it on Saturday and it will be just fine on Monday -- in fact the olive salad will permeate the bread and make it even better.

          2. has a $20 for $40 value at Le Meritage which is in your hotel.

            Le Meritage
            1001 Toulouse, New Orleans, LA 70112

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            1. re: rouxdauphine

              While I have not dined there, I have attended two events, and their kitchen did the work. I have spent time in their bar (at those events), and they did everything right. Still, that is NOT dinner, so my comments might not play. We hope to have a dinner there on one of two upcoming trips, because of what we DID experience there.


              1. re: rouxdauphine

                Le Meritage gets overlooked on this board sometimes. It is excellent and I love the way they do 1/2plates and full plates to enable you to try more things. And the wine pairing are always top notch.

                Le Meritage
                1001 Toulouse, New Orleans, LA 70112

                1. re: shanefink

                  +1 on Le Meritage.

                  Le Meritage
                  1001 Toulouse, New Orleans, LA 70112

                  1. re: shanefink

                    Glad to hear. In my very limited experience, they did everything well, but that was not a real dinner service, so there can be differences.



                2. On a recent visit, I had very interesting drinks at Bar Tonique and then a lovely dinner at Meauxbar, but just a few blocks from Maison Dupuy (on Rampart). Meauxbar is a French bistro type of place, very casual and I thought the food was great.

                  820 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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                  1. re: ClevelandRandy

                    Meauxbar IS great. We'll always remember how gracious they were to fit us in without a reservation on an early Friday evening a couple years ago. Their mussels and frites are to die for, and I remember their seared ahi tuna salad was also quite delightful. You must give it a try. And don't get me started on Bar Tonique...that place was quite dangerous in the libations concocted by our bartender, Murf, and how much $ we unloaded there one night. Quite decadent (we love it)! :-O