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Aug 1, 2011 10:51 AM

Looking for some great casual restaurants for my first time in Atlanta

Hi all......My family and I will be going to Atlanta in about a week and I am looking for some suggestions on some great eats while we are there. We are planning on visting the aquarium, the zoo and some other local attraction and have a hotel room in the heart of the downtown district. A friend of ours recommended a place called "Lobster Bar" and said that we must grab a hotdog at "Varsity's" while there. We have a 9 yr old son, so the food needs to be kept casual but we don't mind splurging a bit if the atmosphere is fun. Any suggestions?? And does anyone happen to know the price of the food at the Lobster Bar?

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  1. i have 5 young grandsons who LUV the Varsity,as i do.Its lots more fun to have the car hops bring you the food,rather than sit inside--ask them for a hat for your son.Our orders generally are chili dogs, orange drink, cheeseburgers and fried pies--bring your Lipitor.Go to the one downtown.
    youll get lots of suggestons for casual dining,i like Einsteins on Juniper--outside dining,kid friendly place.BTW bring your son to the childrens museum--he'll love it.Lots of interactive things to do.Its right near Centennial Park--your son can play in the musical fountain at Centennial--bring a bathing suit. And Fernbank has a very good dinosaur exhibit and a great Imax theater as well.Get to the aquaruium early to avoid massive crowds--or go late like an hour before closing.If you hav car,kids enjoy Stone Mtn as well--i do too--unless its boiling hot--have fun

    1. Lobster Bar is nice, but it is pricey - $20 and up entrees.

      1. Rolling Bones BBQ, Mary Mac's Tea Room, and The Collonade are all reasonably convenient and provide very good casual food - but not within walking distance of your hotel.

        Mary Mac's Tea Room
        Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

        1. Taqueria del Sol - there's a location Northside/Howell Mill area. Fish tacos SO good!

          1. Definitely lots of choices for casual dining.

            I have to say at The Varsity having the car hops take care of you is fun but it's also nice to go inside to see the history of the restaurant and pics of a lot of the famous people that have eaten there. The Varsity has a great history.

            One of my favorite places for casual dining is Taco Mac. Best wings in Atlanta IMO (I know others would argue this :-)) and great burgers and sandwiches. Many non-locals are confused by the name Taco Mac, it's a sports bar type place and not a taco joint. There is a story behind that, of course. If you're at the aquarium there's a Taco Mac inside CNN Center and if you're in the area anyhow you really should check out CNN Center.

            Enjoy your trip!