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Best Sushi EVER - Foxnut in Beaver Creek

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My husband and I recently took a little weekend trip to Beaver Creek, CO. We stayed at the Park Hyatt hotel located right in the heart of the ski village. With so many different restaurants to choose from, we decided that we would try our luck at the Foxnut.

We first sat down and were immediately greeted with 2 great sushi chefs, Eli and Brendon (sp?). Their presentation in the dishes were the best we've ever seen and we've been to numerous sushi restaurants around the US. Not only was the presentation outstanding but the food was amazing!!!! Their sushi roll creations were extremely unique and excellent. You must try the "Tango" roll.

So if you are in the area, you must stop by the Foxnut!! You will not be disappointed!!!!

45 Thomas Place, Avon, CO 81620

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  1. We also had an excellent meal at Foxnut a couple of weeks back. Glad you had a good experience there.

    45 Thomas Place, Avon, CO 81620

    1. I hate to disagree, but I found the sushi to be merely average at best with the decoration a bit too strange for my taste.