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Aug 1, 2011 10:47 AM

SF Food Trucks 101?

Hi friends,
I've done some trolling and research and I just wanted the 'Hounds primer on the SF Food Truck scene. I'll be in town Thurs Aug 4- Fri Aug 5 and then around the rest of the state, then back in SF Fri Aug 12 - Mon Aug 15. I have dinner reservations for most nights but wanted to try at hit trucks for lunches/snacks. So I'm wondering are the Off the Gride events worthwhile? Should I hunt down trucks independently? Which are the best? I'm into healthy-ish food using local produce and/or seafood based dishes of any ethnicity, but not looking for burgers/fries.
Any advice you could give would be welcome! Thanks!

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  1. The trucks are not especially healthy food. It's a lot of sandwiches, tacos, cupcakes, and bacon plus sides of mac and cheese.

    Off the Grid is the easiest place to start. If you get their email you'll see which trucks are going to which event. I do recommend the Thursday (Haight) and Friday (Ft. Mason) events though which both start at 5 (you could still go to a restaurant at 8). Lots more carts than the lunch events.

    Off the Grid
    Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123

    1. You are better off trying to track the trucks independently at lunch time through twitter and the like, SF is a hard city to do trucks in except at pre-planned/scheduled locations. The Lunch events for Off the Grid are much smaller than the evening ones.

      Most trucks only operate at lunch hours (11am-2pm, generally) and dinner time (5-9pm). There are not a lot of seafood dishes on food trucks -- what you'll find are mostly are of the fish/shrimp tacos variety. Eat on Monday (A Food Truck in the South Bay) will irregularly serve up asian fusion shrimp and calamari tacos, but they never go into SF.

      Thursday, you should head to the Ferry Building for the Farmer's Market for lunch/snackage. There are lots of stalls serving local fresh/ethnic specialties.

      Off the Grids are a major draw for people, so expect lots of people. Be early, go too late, and the truck might run out of food.

      I like Sam's Chowder Mobile, which serves up a nice Lobster Roll (though pricy, at 16.50) and Clam Chowder (5.50). Little Green Cyclo serves up a nice banh mi using fresh and local ingredients.

      Off the Grid
      Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123

      Little Green Cyclo
      San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

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          These trucks were jammed when I got there about 12:45 but the crowd was thinning just after 1:00 -- I'd avoid the 12-1 hour.

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              I had the duck taco and the "Asian Asada" taco from Kung Fu tacos. I thought they were pretty good, and a reasonable value ($3.50 and $2.50, respectively). But afterward I had the cotton mouth sensation I associate with too much MSG, which surprised me. Can anyone comment on that?

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            Great site! Very helpful for two out of town trips I'm researching.

            Someone needs to write a standard mobile app that includes both open hours and what's nearby now.