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Mar 21, 2006 02:02 PM


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Can anyone help me with a great lunch spot to go with some coworkers in Mahattan Beach. I'm getting sick of the same old options right near my office.



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    The Kettle is pretty reliable and they turn the tables pretty efficiently.

    Manhattan Beach Brewing Company is a pretty good brewpub. It isn't the best thing you've ever tasted, but the food is good and the menu is reliable.

    Ebizo's Skewers is about as exotic as MB gets and it's not bad, for MB.

    1. El Tarasco is a terrific hole-in-the-wall place for great wet burritos. Pancho's is a little more upscale, but has nice ambience and good tostadas.

      If you go all the way down Manhattan beach Blvd to the end... on the left hand side of the street (south) there is a great restaurant for chicken teriyaki, the name is escaping me unfortunately.

      There is also Pierre's on MB Blvd, a couple of blocks up, but ahven't been there in a while, I know it used to be very good.

      1. Try Petros in the new mall off Manhattan Beach Blvd. where Metlox used to be. Irene Virbila just gave it a glowing review, and I've been there twice and really enjoyed it. It's upscale Greek cuisine, but not like anything we've quite tasted in L.A. before. The chef used to be sous chef at Spago and Maple Dr. It's open for lunch. There are nice salads - the Greek salad with avocado is lovely. There's a link here to Irene's review, check the Petros post.

        1. Poulet Du Jour on PCH close to redondo beach and in Hermosa Beach. Get the Poulet Arie salad or rotisserie chicken. It's a whole in the wall, very popular

          1. I'm assuming you have done all the restaurants at the mall and down Sepulveda...
            Have you gone down Rosecrans in El Segundo, btwn Sepulveda and Aviation?
            Even Bristol Farms Market has a good lunch offering...