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Aug 1, 2011 09:14 AM

Where to get Lobster today?

Hi, I'm in Queens and looking to devour a simple steamed lobster in the 2 lb range, today! I know of the place in Red Hook and The Lobster Joint in Greenpoint, but both are closed on Mondays. Other than me steaming or broiling my own (which I may end up doing), what are the options? If you've been to Jordan's or Nick's in BK, are they still a viable option? Thanks...

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  1. Walter Foods does it perfectly.

    Walter Foods
    253 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. If you want to head a little into Nassau County, Uncle Giuseppe's at 364 Port Washington Boulevard, Port Washington, has a lobster sale this week. Three to 5 pounders, and they'll steam for an extra buck a pound. Had mine yesterday. Perfectly done.

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        Their sale is continuing another week. $5.99 a pound, $1 more for steaming.

      2. For cooking it yourself, Queens offers no end of excellent, affordable lobsters...just check out the Asian markets in Elmhurst and Flushing. Last week I had what may have been the best tasting lobster I have had in well over a year. Don't know the name of the market, but its on Main St. 1 block from the LIE, just past the Palace diner. 2.72 lbs, $8.99/lb...solid sweet meat. Amazingly good.

        1. If you want to "buy" Lobster and cook it yourself the best place is in Freeport Long Island a place called Two Cousins. They sell the freshest fish (shell fish) around. If you are talking about a nice restaurant, check out City Island. There are several restaurants that serve good lobster.