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Aug 1, 2011 07:29 AM

1 - 70: veg friendly dinner very near STL airport, and burritos in Columbia

We will be driving across MO next week as part of our big move to KC.

1. Where would you recommend for a vegetarian friendly dinner a short cab ride from the airport. Cheap and cheerful. Points for places with local beers! I've done the hunt on the board. I think we will have had enough Indian as our Hindu veg airplane meals.

2. The following morning, after picking up our dear but probably very tetchy cat from pet cargo, we will drive along I-70. Where would you recommend getting take out burritos in Columbia? Unless there is a better vegetarian friendly eat in car option that you'd recommend?

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  1. Vegetarian subs from the Sub Shop.

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    1. re: steveb

      I second this and there is a new location on Bus. Loop 70, right off the highway.

      1. re: steveb

        Unfortunately, dining near the airport is a dreary business unless you want to get Mexican, which can be iffy when it comes to vegetarian dining. Indian is likely your best choice, despite your reservations.

        1. re: alan

          That sub shop looks AMAZING.

          What Mexican would you recommend near the airport? My husband is a "don't ask, don't tell vegetarian" so he willfully ignores the fact that beans may be made with lard. We are coming from London, so our standards for Mexican food haven't been very high. We'll be totally exhausted so close to the airport is our main requirement.

          1. re: relizabeth

            Taqueria La Pasadita in an old Taco Bell on Woodson and Taqueria Durango on Page are good and but definitely hole in the wall places. The closest is Taqueria Los Tarascos but it seems to have changed owners and the menu is more gringo than it used to be.
            For Columbia-

            Taqueria Los Tarascos
            4438 Woodson Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63134

            Taqueria Durango
            10238 Page Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63132

            1. re: relizabeth

              I liked La Tejana on Lindbergh at White Oak Manor just south of the airport, but not sure of the hours. the Riverfront times reviewed it a while back.

        2. One possibility might be Mai Lee Restaurant. According to Google it is 10.7 miles away. Not super close but not too far. It is a Vietnamese Restaurant that I am guessing you could more than make do at?


          Mai Lee
          Musick Memorial Dr, St Louis, MO 63144