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Aug 1, 2011 07:13 AM

Mosaica Update

Since I don't remember seeing anything about Mosaica here recently, I thought I'd share a review from our pre-9 day dinner there yesterday.
We started by sharing an appetizer of smoked chicken wings in a barbecue sauce, which was tasty, with a little bit of heat, but not too much.
For our mains, I had the duck, and my husband had the rib steak. The duck was served very nicely with the meat thickly sliced and served along with the drumstick. It was very flavorful, as were the sides of delicious crisp julienned & battered zuchinni, mushrooms with a light wine flavor, and mashed potatoes which were o.k.
My husband enjoyed the steak which was in some sort of a wine sauce. Personally, I like my steak to be nicely seasoned and grilled with the flavor of the meat predominant, rather than in a sauce. I would suggest asking for the sauce on the side. HIs sides were tasty crisp broccoli and so so roast potatoes.
For dessert, I had the strawberry tart which was a nice summery choice, but my husband was disappointed by his chocolate pecan tart, which was very dry.
All in all, this place is still really nice, and I'm glad it's still here as a more intimate alternative to the upscale Manhattan restaurants.

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  1. I can't believe I've lived two miles from there for almost five years and still haven't been. We have plans in early September though, finally.

    1. I passed by recently to take a peek because I was in the neighborhood, and am planning to go soon. Is there a back room or something, or just what I saw through the window? It seemed a little small, but I could be wrong.

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        It's just what you saw through the window, and it is pretty small, perhaps 35-40 seats.

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            Just for a little context, since Vauxhall doesn't always show up on maps, it's at the border of Millburn and Union, in the Millburn Mall, which is actually in Union. It's about 10 minutes from Livingston, 15 from West Orange and 20 from Elizabeth.

            1. re: DeisCane

              Any recent reviews? We would be making a bit of a trip to get there so I need to know if this place is consistently good.

              1. re: cappucino

                I was there two months ago an had an excellent meal - I was with a colleague who is not Jewish and he enjoyed himself and lamented that had not tried Moxaica earlier because i was his favorite of the restaurants we went to in the area 0