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Aug 1, 2011 06:53 AM

Tomatoes at Small Farm in Stow

Small Farm has become a favorite of mine over the past couple of years, mainly because the people who run it are about as nice as can be, and also because it isn't well known so it's rarely crowded. We went back out there over the weekend to pick some tomatoes, and it was still a bit early for many of them, but their "maze" (which is lined with varieties of cherry tomatoes) is starting to bear fruit. The sun gold tomatoes were a bit more ready than some of the others, and were they ever good (really sweet tasting).

I was also hoping to pick some habanero peppers, but they look to be about two weeks away, give or take.

Does anyone else go to Small Farm?

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  1. I love Small Farm too. I live nearby and often stop there when I' m on my way to or from Hudson. The people who run it are very nice and helpful. The lady there introduced me to garlic scapes a few weeks ago, which were delicious! I also love Cucurbit Farm in Acton. The people there are great as well and they carry Chip In Farm eggs.

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      Good to know about Cucurbit Farm, thanks. Just looked it up on Google maps. Looks like an out-of-the-way location, which I always love. :-)

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Yes, it is on a residential street. You would not expect to find a farm there.

    2. Love small farm, especially the small farmers. Try their golden zuchini. Curcubit has the best corn in the area, and small farm often sells it.

      1. We go to small farm as well. Had the corn last week, which I believe was from Cucurbit. Good, if a little thick. Has anyone ever done the pick your own flowers?

        1. Thumbs up to Small Farm - either myself or my partner passes by it every day of the week and during the summer we stop almost daily to pick up corn for dinner.

          They used to have a communal recipe box that you could contribute to or take from - we tried a carrot souffle recipe (of which we were skeptical at first) and it was delicious!

          As someone above pointed out, it's a pretty low key place - more of a farm stand than a farm, really.