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Aug 1, 2011 05:50 AM

Myrtle Beach Vacation recap

Spent a recent week at Myrtle Beach so here is a run down of our dining experiences. We had a condo so ended up eating in a lot to save money.

Saturday lunch- before we checke din the condo had lunch at Mr. Fish in Myrtle Beeach- I had a excllent fried grouper sandwhich and fries and my wife had Talipia with steamed veggies. We were both happy with out choices.
Saturday dinner- Biminis- crowded as expected on a Saturday night in July but a short wait at the smokey bar wa ok. I had the Shrimp and oyster combo with fries, my wife had the shrimp tacos. both were happy- fries not as good as Mr Fish.
Sunday breakfast- Springhouse Cafe- basic breakfast-eggs, meat and toast good and no expensive.
Sunday dinner-Shuckers Orginal Oyster Bar-ate at the one at Broadway at the beach-55 cent oysters made a great app. I had the Mahi sandwhich which was good with corn on the cob, my wife had a salad with I think salmon, she wasn't happy with it. This was moereat out timing to catch a movie than wanting to eat here but mine was fine.
Mionday-ate all meals in
Tuesday- dinner- Liberty Steakhose-Broadway at the beach- this time trying to make the baseball game so it was the only place with no wait (only to eat in the bar) - had ok wings for an app, they were cheap on happy hour prices, I had the crab cakes that had huge hunks of crab in them, my wife had a chicken salad, both entrees OK at best. Too expensive for what we got.
Wednesday dinner- Russells in Murrells inlet- best meal so far- I had the grilled shrmip and scallops with a baked potato and it was excellent, huge scallops and they had a nice seasoning on them. My wife had grilled flounder and was very happy with hers.
Thursday dinner- Duffys Seafood Shack-North Myrtle Beach- another excellent meal- I had the oyster po boy with fries, very good, my wife had a shrimp and oster combo and was happy as well.
Friday dinner- River City Cafe- the one on the beach in Myrtle, we both wanted a burger and the waits were long everwhere we went, I had a Monterey Burger with Guac, and pesto and my wife had another burger with pesto but were tastey but becaus eof the crowd we had toneat outside on a very hot day.
Sat breakfast- bagels from Goldbergs Deli in North Myrtle Beach had a lox spread that was short on lox

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  1. Nice post, we just came back as well. One of my favorite places was "HOT STACKS" for breakfast. There are a few on them on the main road. The ultimate breakfast i had all week was the Biscuits with Country fried steak and sausage gravy...Wow,i wish i could find that here up north! We also went to the japanese hibachi place at broadway at the beach. Food was good enough, typical of this type of restaurant, however the temperature in the dining room we extremely hot and uncomfortable. they say all those grills don't allow the place to cool off. I say they need a better A/C system!!!!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Russells. I always smirk just a bit at the people who don't know any better as I'm passing the more touristy, super-crowded places like Drunken Jacks and Capt. Dave's to get to Russells. Great food and service a much more "local" feel--I hope it remains a semi-secret, so don't tell anyone! :)

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        I agree about Drunken Jack(not a fan) but not Capt DAVE'S....it is one of my favorites.

        1. re: LaLa

          Haha, I'm smirking at you, LaLa!

          Just kidding--actually Dave's isn't bad. It's the huge crowds that usually keep me from going there.

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            LOL....those darn crowds keep me hemmed up most of the summer!

      2. I have lived in Horry county off and on for many years.........If you want the real facts listen to me...... The best place to eat whether you are a local or a tourist is Prosser's in Murrels Inlet... The lunch buffet is only $ 7.51... The best fried flounder ever, and the tastiest chicken & dumplins.
        And the breakfast buffet is only $4.95 and it has "REAL" homemade sausage... Listen to me or not... I tried

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          My husband an i absolutely agree with your assessment of Prosser's. We travel at least 3 times during our 2 weeks in NMB. Great fried chicken, greens, mac and cheese and Thursday is Oyster night.....at least as good if not better than any we've had in Calabash over the last 8 years. Every one we've taken with us agrees. We also enjoy the sushi at Mr. Fish and avoid ALL the other buffets. Have been to both Rios and Gaucho steak house and enjoyed both....if on a business expense card go to Rios; other wise go to Gaucho.

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            Over and over I hear the stories of folks coming from a thousand or more miles inland to the beautiful SC lowcountry,spending 10k for a week and never eating a bite outside the statutory boundaries of Myrtle Beach.

            It just makes me want to weep bitter tears!

            Lets try to make this as simple as possible.If you wish to have a real SC coastal/lowcounty authentic food experience do one of two things.Go to greater Charleston(fifteen miles north or south) OR limit yourself to 10 or so miles between Surfside Beach and Pawleys Island!

            I can hear them now,but theres this place in Beaufort or that place in Georgrtown,or I think there is a place at Edisto!

            Lets keep this simple.The two areas mentioned are the best locations for great SC coastal quisine!

            I'm not trying to be a smart a$$ but comparing Myrtle Beach reasurants is like trying to decide which frozen pizza is the best!

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              Forgot to mention, thank goodness you found your way to Russell's!