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Aug 1, 2011 04:19 AM

Close Harbour Seafood, Southington Plantsville, CT

After reading an article in CT magazine, I decided to try this place out. I checked out their website and watched their video on making the perfect lobster roll. It made me really want one. It looked like they used a whole lobster in the roll.
So, on Sunday I went with my buddy. We both got the lobster roll, but I was a bit disappointed. They only used claw and knuckle meat, no tail meat as shown in the video. I probably should have asked when I first got the roll, but I didn't.
It tasted very good, the French fries had a light coating, were very crisp and tastey, and the beer battered onion rings were very good and had a slight hint of beer tatste to them.
I think if I go next time, I will ask about whether they include tail meat. If they don't I won't get it again. There are other places around that serve tail and claw rolls.

Close Harbour Seafood
959 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike, Plantsville, CT 06479

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  1. We used to go to Close Harbour fairly often. If you sign up for their email list they send out coupons that can be quite good. Problem is that the coupons used to come weekly but now only very occasionally. Top that with the fact that their prices have gone up so much that it's rarely worth the trip for us unless we're going to be in the area. The one great deal that Bill (Close) used to run were his New Years and Valentine's Day specials: 2 1 1/2lb stuffed lobsters, 2 stuffed clams, 1 pnt chowder or bisque and their really excellent shrimp cocktail all for $59 if you ordered ahead and prepaid. This year they did not run it for New Years so I mentioned that we missed it on their facebook page. So they did do it for St. V's.

    So they put booths in and all of a sudden they come out with these $35 prix pixe dinners (app, entree and dessert). But it's still a fish market guys. There are better deals in nicer places. The food is good, the place is clean, but it's still become, I think, a bit over-priced.

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      The lobster roll was $16.00. Does it matter to you what part of the lobster they use in the lobster roll?

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        As members of the restaurant/seafood market’s VIP email club, we periodically receive notification of retail sales and offers to purchase discounted dining certificates. The certificate we used last evening was for a shared appetizer and 2 entrees from the House Specialty Dishes for $35 - menu price of our meal was $59.

        The restaurant charges a modest $5 corkage fee so we brought a bottle of Red Diamond merlot that pairs well with seafood (or anything else). Our choice of appetizer was crab cakes with a spicy remoulade sauce. Billed as prepared with lump crab meat, it had entirely too much breading and the crab looked like claw meat though it may have been small pieces of lump crab. In either case, the crab cakes were mediocre.
        We faired much better in the entrée department with both of choosing the sweet potato crusted Chilean sea bass with wild mushrooms, wilted greens and candied butternut squash in a brown butter brandi (sic) sauce. We received a bountiful portion of perfectly cooked sea bass that must have tipped the scale at a ½ pound. It proved to be one of the best seafood dishes I have had in recent memory. Service was very good throughout our meal.