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[Nailsworth, Gloucestershire] William's Kitchen, Hobbs House Bistro

r.vacapinta Aug 1, 2011 04:04 AM

Both of these places are worth a stop if you are in the area.

-----William's Kitchen
William's is a delicatessen selling seafood and gourmet deli items. They also operate an oyster bar and small restaurant. The delicatessen stocks a lot of gourmet items, seasonings and sauces from Spain and France mainly.

We've been here twice for lunch. In both cases, we ordered a plate of oysters to share. These are fresh, meaty oysters. Much of the menu is seafood based. I've had the scallops in butter which is a generous serving of a dozen scallops drenched in butter and garlic. It feels like a gourmet, guilty pleasure. I've also had the Fish & Chips. Crispy, tasty batter surrounding tender fresh fish - as it should be.

-----Hobbs House Bistro
Hobbs House Bistro is a side project from the much more well-known bakery. The Bistro operates only for dinner and only Thursday through Saturday.

On the night we ate here, we started with a Duck Charcuterie. This was Rillettes, Duck Liver Pate and Duck hearts, all served with Hobbs House bread. The standout was the duck hearts - perfectly grilled and lightly salted.

We also both had the Roe Deer Haunch served medium rare on a bed of peas. This was a delicious dish. The Deer was tender and juicy.

Finally, I had a Plum Custard and Almond Fool with shortbread. My only complaint is that, given the thick creaminess of the custard, that the serving was too much. A strange objection, I know.

I had an espresso which was well-prepared but it did leave me wondering why a place that operates as a bakery during the day would not serve petits fours as well. Or perhaps I needed to ask.

Anyways, all in all, a great meal and a place we want to return to before it gets too popular and well-known.

I should note that the menu for Hobbs House Bistro changes weekly. They post next weeks menu online here:

I'll go ahead and include the website for William's as well:

William's Kitchen
Fountain St, England GL6 0, GB

Hobbs House Bistro
4 George St, England GL6 0, GB

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