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St George Single Malt Whiskey Bar Gelato by Naia

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Yesterday I couldn’t ignore the freezer case of Bar Gelato popsicles by Naia near the check-out lines at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa. The St. George Single Malt Whiskey flavor made it into my shopping bag.

The flavor is fairly faint and tastes vaguely of brown spirits. I like the restrained hand with the sweetness, but the texture of the gelato in bar form is quite icy and crystallized. At $1.99, I’m not sure I’d buy this again.

Other flavors worth trying?

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  1. I liked the Single Malt flavour but I felt they could have used a better scotch to make it at that price point. We also liked the Tcho chocolate but my daughter found the grapefruit too intense.

    1. I liked the pistachio a lot. If you think it's too icy, leave it out of the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

      1. These are now available at Monterey Market. I loved the Ghiradelli chocolate, my son loved the strawberry and my daughter loved the grapefruit. All were vegan.

        1. They were at the real food festival in oakland last weekend. I really enjoyed the vanilla flavor of the Madagascar vanilla. And the single malt was also tasty, but subtle.

          The texture, though, I thought was a bit weird. Almost rubbery rather than creamy. Not so bad I wouldn't buy again though.

          1. Wish I had caught this before buying one today. I felt the flavor was so restrained as to be non existant. This company is not handling these well during delivery. Mine was also icy and crystalized like ice cream that is left out of the freezer case too long and then refrozen.

            1. These aren't tasting like frozen gelato to me, or like they're meant to be an ice cream bar, so much as just a creamier popsicle.

              I enjoyed the Jasmine flavor, and love the concept (mostly that they're widely available), but stronger flavors would be appreciated. I figured it was the kind I picked out, but apparently not.

              1. While I'm not really a fan of Bar Gelato, I wanted to mention a discount outlet. Typically I see these sold for $2 to $2.25 apiece.

                At Sun Sun Produce in Chinatown (on the same block as Blue Sky dim sum http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4018... ), they're $1.50. Sun Sun is listed on Bar Gelato's stores page.

                Sun Sun Grocery
                1500 Powell Street
                San Francisco, CALIFORNIA 94133

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                  In the East Bay, Monterey Market in North Berkeley also sells them for less than most places--I think $1.75, or possibly $1.85. Bizarrely, since they usually mark that sort of thing up considerably, but hey. :)

                  FWIW, though, I like the same flavors in their actual gelato (they carry most, like the St. George's Whiskey and Blue Bottle Coffee, at Whole Foods Oakland and I presume at their other locations) considerably more than the bars. Not sure what they change when they make the gelato into bar form, but it's definitely not quite as good to my taste.