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Jul 31, 2011 09:59 PM

Quick Bites in Paris

My husband and I are visiting Paris for a week in October for our honeymoon. Just like everyone else, we are on a budget, want traditional fare, surrounded by locals, blah, blah, blah. We've made our notes and maps, decided on the Big Names for lunch, mainly budget and ethnic places for dinner, but are in need of suggestions of where and how to flush out our calories. We will be staying on Ile Saint Louis, and would love to know of anyplace to get a croissant nearby, stock up on fresh fruits, bread, cheeses, or where to go for a good charcuterie plate. Really, any suggestions on where fill up on some Parisian deliciousness that we can take out, take home, or take to a bench would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Look for threads about markets (marchés), cheese shop, boulangeries (bakeries) ...

    For markets : http://marches.equipements.paris.fr/

    Check for opening days, not all markets are open every day (most of them only 2, 3 days); pick one, go visit around the area, stop by the market and get food to eat at a nearby parc/square.


    1. From ISLouis, head towards 5th Arrondisement. At Maubert-Mutualite there is Dubois, great fromagerie, around the corner on Rue Monge is original branch of Kayser for bread and pastry.
      Straight up Blvd St Michel is Oteixa for Spanish hams and other charcuterie. Decent bakery and cheese guy on the Isle as well.

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        Ditto on Dubois and Oteiza. The main Berthillon store is on Ile St. Louis. Be sure to get an ice cream. ;)

      2. For convenience, the main street on the island, rue St Louis en L'Ile, has bakery, cheese shop, traiteur, and a small grocery store. A little further, stroll across the river: on the right bank is a stopping area on St. Paul/rue St. Antoine and beyond is the Richard Lenoir market; on the left bank are the Maubert and Monge markets with the above mentioned Dubois, Kayser, etc. nearby.

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          Ile St Louis is an area that targets tourists exclusively and is singularly lacking in markets (does not have any) and in the kind of real food shops that cater to locals. I agree that one can find the best local food by getting out of the island, especially in the not too far away Maubert market and the Baudoyer market. Their hours can be easily found on line.

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            Yes much of ISL is touristy, but what about the tiny busy butcher shop, Jean Paul Gardil, 44 rue St. Louis en l'Ile -- it seems to be servicing locals, and we've bought some nice picnic/ apartment lunch fixings there (burgundy herbed hams, etc.). PS: We too love Dubois, especially the 4 year Comté, which we have wrapped and bring home in our checked luggage.

        2. Yes, the Ile is touristy, but there are also a surprising number of people that live there full time and they buy their meat at Gardil, or from the other butcher down the street and they buy their daily bread from one of the 3 decent bakeries, and Ferme Auberge St. Aubin has a wonderful selection of cheese and a talented affiner, and there are a few pastry options as well. For markets, Baudoyer is just a hop and so is Maubert and even Bastille not so far - I've shopped them all when I stay on the Ile annually. For dried fruits and nuts, Israel, Epicerie du Monde is just off the Ile in the 4th, and the Foie from Burgundy in the little shop on the Ile is also very good. Gardil will have pates, sausages, and hams, etc for sliced meat. I always get a good slice of the Pate de Campagne. I think my current fave in the baguette department is the Bakery on Deux Ponts, very good pastry as well. Just had one Sunday. Now in pastry exile back in the States....